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Bartenders Admit Which Drinks They Can't Stand To See People Order


Bartenders deal with the worst of the worst. Sooner or later, they can tell exactly what type of customer they're dealing with based on drink choice alone. Wondering what your go-to order reveals about your personality? Well, these bartenders who've dealt with regulars, tourists, and everything in between revealed which drinks make them suppress an exaggerated eye roll and which make them downright irritated




Egg White Cocktails

A creamy egg white cocktail is truly a delight, but depending on how "authentic" you want it, the process can be a real pain for bartenders. Whipping up the egg whites by hand can be grueling, especially when preparing multiple orders at once. Unless you're at a quiet cocktail bar, we suggest going for a fine merlot.



Vodka Sodas (with Lime)

A popular trend among bartenders is a t-shirt that simply reads, "Vodka Soda Lime." This basic order is requested so often, it makes long island ice teas look top-shelf. Anyone who orders a vodka soda is usually less about the taste of fine liquor and more about getting wrecked. Sorry, but that touch of lime doesn't make it any fancier.


A properly made mint mojito is superb, but for bartenders who are in the middle of a rush, the request might not be well-taken. The process of muddling mint with a wooden spoon is tedious and time consuming, not to mention patrons tend to drink all that hard work down in just seconds. If you're planning on multiple orders, you're honestly better off with vodka sodas.

Mr Seb / Flickr



Nothing makes a bartender let out a sigh faster than kamikaze shots. While they're easy to whip up thanks to their simple ingredient list (vodka, triple sec, and lime juice), kamikazes can still put a bartender on their toes. The easier shots are to make, the faster they get ordered. Soon enough, the entire dance floor gets covered with fallen men.

N0fX / Flickr

Long Island Ice Teas

Basic, basic, and more basic. Sure, some people enjoy long island ice teas for the flavor, but be aware that you're setting off red flags to your bartender. Often associated with drunk party girls, long island ice teas tell your bartender to keep an eye on you in case you start dancing on the table.

Blue Hawaiians

What looks good for the Blue Man Group doesn't look good for your drink order. Bartenders have to hold back from rolling their eyes whenever a blue Hawaiian is ordered. Why? Because once another customer sees a drink that looks like a Kool-aid knockoff, they want one, too. Soon, the whole bar is covered in blue-tongued drunks trying to hula.

Sherry White / Flickr

Bloody Marys

When you're at brunch, feel free to order Bloody Marys and mimosas to your heart's content. But once the evening rolls around, you might want to steer clear of this extravagant treat. If you're ever in New Orleans, don't forget that bartenders often have to add "the works" to your order, including olives, horseradish, shrimp, bacon, and other fried treats. Trust us, your bartender and your breath will thank you for waiting til tomorrow morning



Flavored Martinis

Slap a "tini" onto a fruit and you've got yourself a brand new drink. Beverages like appletinis are sure to send a clear message to your bartender: You don't know how to drink. Between the artificial flavor and ultra-sweetness of the syrup, your server will watch in awe as you guzzle down four ounces of pure cane sugar.

Jessica Hedler / Flickr

Champagne Cocktails

Ever try pouring champagne quickly? It's not easy. The bubbles take so long to pour that your bartender may need a few minutes just to assemble your drink. While you're waiting for your bubbly treat, other patrons may stare anxiously at your bartender, debating how little they should tip. For everyone's sake, try ordering when the line dies down.


White Russians

Depending on where you go, you can expect to find mixed reactions when you order a White Russian. Most drinks don't require dairy products, making heavy cream an unlikely ingredient to be sitting behind a dive bar. A bartender who has to stop everything to grab you some dairy might end up giving you a beverage that's all cream, no booze.

caribbeanandy / Reddi


Take a bartender's advice: If you're ordering sangria, get it by the pitcher and not by the glass. If the bar you're visiting doesn't already have sangria prepped ahead of time, your bartenders will have to cut-up fresh fruit on the spot every time you order. Don't you dare request a second glass, especially if your bartender already gave you this exact warning. The look on their face will be very sour.

Jessica Napier / Flickr