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Drag Queens Conquer the Out


Drag Queens Conquer the Out


Titillating Trio returns for most $successful $how ever


                              By Jeannie


In possibly their most successful event of the summer the Out was Standing Room last Monday in the latest reincarnation of the show that once split Kismet down the middle at its inception five years ago when half the family friendly town was outraged at its presence, yet most of the  KFD and the adventuresome newbies were titillated into attendance. Starting at 7PM indeed the over amplified stream of obscenities and profanity wafted over the barely barricading fence as youngsters clung to it on tip toes to try to see what their tender ears were delivering.


Regardless Paul Barbara, the venue’s owner, persisted in returning the show annually to moderately increasing success until this year where it was sold out at $50 a pop squeezing in standees who surrounded those seated at the coveted tables threatening to burst through the restraining ropes (btw what is the Out’s capacity???).


The place was packed - SRO!!!


“We have changed to venue into a dinner theater format, removing the bar from the courtyard in favor of more tables, moved starting time later, toned down the performers and prevented children from attending”


The caveat is that nary a familiar “local” face was to be seen as the show remains virtually unchanged. “We’ve already seen it” was the deciding factor.

So the rapt audiences, abundantly young women, was mostly from neighboring communities. No special ferry deals were made according to the Mooneys.


The show is helmed by Logan Hardcore, whose personal journey has morphed from having a boy friend, to a fiancée, to a husband and, now, a new homeowner in Westchester!


Ariel Sinclair


She is accompanied by Cherry Grove icon Ariel, diminutive in size only, who delivers her signature song about her outsized female genitalis.




They arrive carrying their costumes and other accoutrements on a water taxi and from there into a “back stage” tent. The venue is substandard and doesn’t seem to improve as the runway ends with 2 rickety steps onto a concrete cleared space. Logan, stiletto heeled, actually stumbled down the steps and slipped on the concrete in her opening gambit which, pro that she is, was barely noticed and she launched into her signature “split” which had the desired effect of drawing gasps and applause from the appreciative crowd.



New this year was the accompanying  Holly Dae, a popular star in the Cherry Grove firmament.


The “talent” of the draq queens is their ability to lip-synch current pop songs by Beyonce and the like – but without the requisite spotlights (why?) it s barely noticeable in the ever darkening ambience of the courtyard as evening descends and the low hung string of lights over the runway threatened to decapitate the very tall Logan (!) each time she traveled under it.



This leaves the rest of the “act” to carry the evening with the ongoing peripatetic  patter (cleaned  up a bit since the beginning show) as she weaves through the tables and cons drinks and tips from the crowd which she taunts Don Rickles style.



 The suntanned, sandaled and unsophisticated crowd gobbles it up, craves the attention and willingly flash money in their outstretched hands to attract their tormentor who ridicules them of the tips are too small. She eventually shames owner Paul Barbera onto the floor to raise the ante by shaming him to “donate”   a $50, and later $100 bill.

Although they are paid well to come here, they work the room hard throughout the long night.



AS a welcome change from the incessant pandering the group initiates a series of contests conning volunteers from the audience. Since most everyone is inebriated by that time the hard working cast draws easy laughs onstage and off.


Redundancies are barely noted as the alcohol consumption increases in the ever increasingly supportive crowd and the “show” extends far into the night.


Next year!!!