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Annual Spring KCA (Kismet Community Association) Meeting

 Danielle treasurer, Gary VP, Marsha Pres, Christine Secty, Tom VP2


Annual Spring KCA (Kismet Community Association) Meeting  


Actual rain-free moments of SUN and above freezing temperatures brought homeowners out Sunday morning to the firehouse where they were welcomed with some incredible muffins (where did they come from and how do we get more?) and the long awaited Kismet Directories.


After the requisite opening procedures, and reports by Fire Chief Dom, Danielle on budget, and Community maintenance by Sam, (Jay Lippert was not there but he is addressing drainage problems on our streets with Islip)

the meeting was turned over to the residents in a new, commendable and much appreciated atmosphere of transparency (the ability to talk without fear …am I overstating that?).


In accordance the impressive array of activities by the KCA and KFDA were

presented and community problems were voiced.


Following are some:


Joanne P reminding us that The KCA Auction Sat June 16 @ $100 dinner includes an open bar.  Amy has since added when asked if people can come just for the auction:

“Yes.  Auction open to everyone after dinner. Guessing we would start around 8:30.”  


Sam suggesting we leave bulk garbage in house till Monday pick up

New street signs will have reflectors for night visibility.

He then showed us the newly added Breathing Pack Refilling Station

A compressor system to fill air packs for fire personnel. It’s was given to KFD by the federal government and Saltaire and Fair Harbor have access to it as well. 


Hard working Dana explains Kismet Day, an ambitious, multi facetted fundraiser for community


Ginny (East Lighthouse) & Patty (West Lighthouse)
Kismet Community Day- block captains will be coming around to collect a monetary donation to put towards a large gift to raffle on July 22nd at the Kismet Community Day celebration. 


Dom reminded us that Fire detectors and CO2 detectors require replacement batteries which freeze during inactivity of winter. Batteries can be purchased at firehouse at cost.

And importance of visible house numbers to aid firefighters and medical teams.


Karen S reminds us to continue bringing our water bottles (and seltzer) to the recycling bin outside the firehouse to be recycled for the military. Last year she raised $1000.00


Linda Knoth and Jacquie Jones are organizing a Sand Castle Contest on the beach July 7th, possible time is 11-4. There will be a flag given to the winner for bragging rights. She asked the members of the KCA if they thought there should be a fee. I don’t believe she got a clear cut answer. Linda also distributed a laminated copy of helpful ideas and phone numbers for renters and homeowners. She left free copies at the market


New directory at last - $10 cash at store. Thanks, Bill


Atty Tom addressed town concern over vicious attack on a resident by former police trained attack dogs here in Kismet: The dog issue cannot be touched by anyone. Only the victim can press charges.


Dennis Sommeso was talking about the sandy part of Burma Road and how it juts out causing a potentially dangerous situation since one cannot see if someone else is on the road; people are walking around with glass bottles; garbage was overflowing at his establishment. 


Peter addresses long standing issue over inequity in voting privileges for Camelot residents who each pay dues but complex only gets one vote.


Ginny Butler: Rusty pipes near beach entrance of East Lighthouse



Bob called the handicapped crossover an eyesore, “monstrosity on the beach”. Wondered if it could be graced with a few trees or something?

Michelle Schlechter said it was “ugly and impractical”.


Despite all this the meeting ended in an amicable spirit, homeowners obviously enjoying each other’s company.