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Memorial for Kismet’s “Mayor” Brian Crawford




On a cloudy afternoon, August 12, a group of longtime Kismet residents formed a circle around a symbolic beach chair, book & helmet to honor the memory of one of our icons from the glory days of  the past.


His friends spoke affectionately of their memories.




Born -  Feb 17,1935 Edinburgh Scotland


Died - Dec 20, 2016 Tampa Florida


He got the title of Kismet “mayor” because he was always looking out for everyone. He made sure everyone kept the beach clean. Because he was so convincing everyone thought he was the mayor.


I believe Brian started to come to Kismet in the late 60's. He owned a waterfront home originally. Sold that house and bought "The White Horse." He then bought the house on East Lighthouse."Chateau Brian" now owned by Ashley and Erica Cole.


I think Brian was about 81 years old, He died this spring



I was new to Kismet when I first encountered Brian. I say “encountered” because he had such an air of authority I was intimidated  (yes, me).

I knew that whatever he said was true, though same of the tidbits he gave for my column sometimes proved otherwise (and he enjoyed getting me into trouble). We bonded over the N Y Marathon where I was on the medical team.

As he matured he became the genial elder with a subtle sense of humor and charm.




            Brian entered my life sometime between the last weeks of 1957 and the first weeks of 1958! We were both in our early 20’s. Brian had completed service in the Royal Navy while I had competed two years conscription in the British Army. The meeting place was General Motors Institute, Flint, Michigan. Neither of us knew each other. We were both far from our homes and birthplaces. Brian’s home was Scotland while mine was Luton, Bedfordshire, England. We were both at General Motors Institute to study engineering.

            While I had the companionship of British colleagues, Brian was on his own 3000 miles from home in a strange environment of a foreign country with an unknown educational setting. In those early days we were searching for potential friends. Brian became a favorite of mine.  Growing friendships were made difficult by the format of our training programme with education interspersed with practical engineering experience. This was an extension of my training in UK but for Brian this was a totally new experience. For me it was an alternate monthly schedule but for Brian it was a two monthly schedule. This meant our time together in one place was one month in three.

            We began to suspect that this format was not to Brian’s liking; neither the constant turnaround from one location to another and from work to education. Brian became unsettled and soon announced his intention to leave the programme.  In 1958 Brian quit the G M Programme and then needed to find employment or face expulsion from USA. He went to work in Mexico City. As a salesman selling paper and paper products, Brian found a notch for himself; he was his own man. He was free to come and go as he liked. He could use his charm - of which he had an abundance. His selling brought him in to regular contact with secretarial staff, a world which appealed to Brian! For these years Brian sold paper products. He made a good living. We saw little of each other but managed to keep in touch.

                Finally Brian came to settle in Manhattan sharing an apartment with Fred Lebow the creator of the New York City Marathon. Although never a runner, Brian found the social life of the running world intriguing. His social and communicative skills equipped him to tackle the problems around the presentation and organization of mass running events. For instance while organizing the first ever NYC marathon on Fred Lebow’s kitchen table, on the eve of that event, they realized they had no prizes for the victors. Without hesitation Brian put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a bundle of dollar bills “Here take these “he said “and go and buy some prizes!” Scottish generosity!

               In the world of mass running events Brian was usually found unlocking one problem or another. This was done with a smile and some banter - Brian often had a date waiting round the corner. Many years ago my Mother described Brian as having the ability to woo any woman between the ages of 7 and 70. 


                                                        from Michael Bracey


From: Helen Smith
Date: December 22, 2016 at 6:36:49 PM EST
Subject: Brian

Helen, Jamie, James, Donald and Joanna were very upset to hear of Brian's passing. I have known Brian since 1951 and he was always there when needed. Loosing his brother Jim in 1984 and Alexandra last Christmas was a hard thing for him to accept. We spent many hours on the phone, sorting out the world!! We will all miss him. We were hoping this Christmas was going happy after Alexandra's death.  I believe when we die we go to a better place and I certain Jim and Alexandra will be there to greet him. I would like give our sincere thanks to Jim and Teresa for their time and patience over the last few months and to the many friends of Brian's who were on the email list.                     Sincerely and Love from.                  

                                 The Smith Family in Edinburgh.=


Ashley, Erica,  Brian’s grandniece Caitlin McCague  (4) from Brooklyn in blue shirt, Brian’s grandniece Soleil Suplizio (12) from Seattle( long hair seated on sand looking at camera,)  Brian’s grandniece Keira McCague (4)  from Brooklyn in pink dress, and Brian’s nephew Jason Suplizio from Seattle in Brian’s 1973 NYC Marathon T shirt


From Stacey McCague

I am not pictured. My parents met Brian on their first date. Brian was always my uncle, and always will be my uncle . Thank you for writing about this celebration of his life.


Penny, Patricia (Laura and Penny’s friend), Laura Sapienza, Carol Williamson (buddy’s girlfriend), Buddy, Ellen Manion, Laura Nowak Borenstein (from Saltaire) 


Back towards camera is my husband Sean McCague  in the Chase NYC marathon shirt, to his right is Stephanie Wallach reading a letter from Pat and Phil who rented Chateau Brian for years before buying, then to the right is Regina in pink. 


I am not pictured. My parents met Brian on their first date. Brian was always my uncle, and always will be my uncle. Thank you for writing about this celebration of his life



Back towards camera  is my husband Sean McCague in the Chase NYC marathon shirt, to his right is Stephanie Wallach reading a letter from Pat and Phil who rented Chateau Brian for years before buying, then to the right is Regina in pink .


In addition to those mentioned on the right: Art & Colette, Marge & Mike Fiore, Helene Quinzer, out of range Jeannie Lieberman