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Judy Gold’s Smashing Grove Debut!



Judy Gold’s Smashing Grove Debut!


                                By Jeanne Lieberman 


Alert! If you see people in Cherry grove suddenly and without any reason laugh or quietly chuckle you can bet that they were at two-time Emmy Award-winning comic Judy Gold’s show in her spectacular debut here.


Comedy is a personal thing and Judy’s is categorically personal but her “personal” was thankfully universal as her issues are everyone’s.

Aside from the obvious, being a lesbian, she landed on subjects that have no gender:


Senior Moments: Have you ever walked into a room in your house and forgot why you were there?

Have you ever started a conversation and forgotten what you were talking about, or a name that was crucial?


Travel: Have you ever wondered how come a big fat man with food stains on his clothes would be yelling at you for baring your arms and face in a Muslim country?

Her tall height and generously proportions required a male knee replacement so at the airport the TSA called her “sir” from her x-ray. (Who knew the prosthetics were gender oriented?)


Or, even closer, why Bruce Michael still wears his 2001 Mr. Leather title sash


Tattoos: her son wanted something relating to New York so he
wanted to put his zip code on his arm “You are a Jew! There is no way you’re going to have numbers on your arm!”


On diets: “I am on a plant based diet – I smoke pot and then I eat” or the arrogance of Upper Westside vegans with phony accents whose shopping carts are filled with “produce” and a New Yorker Magazine on top. “Can you imagine a vegan cruise—no pigging out here

And that on a gluten free diet – a brownie is cardboard with a black sharpie!


What resonated best were the jokes on gender classification – too many letters – LGBTQ??? just LGBT—Q, and “ we can’t seem to agree whether it means queer or questioning; I; A; F— Or those who  don’t know what group  they are  in now called “Pan sexual” or those who don’t want to be in a group A sexual”


 When she appeared in the all female Shakespeare in the Park the skinnies played the lady roles: they used kale as a garnish (and pushed spinach into second place) and binged in shoe polish…
“We re-juicing then reintroducing our bodies to solid food” while the rest called White Castle at 3AM!


On DNA reports: “I found out I’m 5% Jewish and 95% black”


On Therapy:  “My therapist has the same name as my mother: Mommy”
(her life
partner is a therapist—go figure!)


And more…much more!


Congrats to the APCG board who made such a stunning choice.

For more abut Judy and where she is appearing next: