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Kismet Community Association Fall Meeting
September 30 18



By Jeannie


On a beautiful Fall morning many Kismet citizens demonstrated their loyalty by convening in the Firehouse for the semi annual Fall KCA homeowners’ meeting.



Our Board: Gary and Tom, 1st & 2nd Vice Presidents (why 2? In case of a tie – just like the our new “hot” Supreme Court); Chris, Secretary; Marsha, President; and Daniele, Treasurer.

Members were given 3 minutes to bring up any concerns or questions.


 It was stated that publishing the list of non contributors was discontinued as  ineffectual.



Rudy G suggested we could ask our real estate agents or homeowners to add $50.00 to our dues to be paid directly to KCA to assist in payment of garbage removal fee.


Dennis also contributed several comments on this issue. 


Voting to raise dues by $50.


Jane Mooney inquired about the removal of bikes and carts from town by November 15th of each year, there was also discussion about registering bikes and wagons to assist in identifying them.


My submitted suggestion that our pristine, mostly empty bulletin boards be used to post info/pix on lost bikes, wagons, pets, jewelry, etc. went unnoticed and never made it to the floor.



Community Day organizer, Dana Deruvo Hanna announced it raised $30.740.00, netted $24.340.00. $ 11.500.00 to go for KFD for new radios and pagers, KCA will be given $6.000.00 with $4.100.00 ear marked for new garbage bins, winter garbage removal, new solar lights on Burma Road near Seabay and a mirror to be placed in the vicinity of Burma Road and West Lighthouse.

Members of the KFDA stood up and received well deserved applause.



Kismet Fire Department Chief Bertucci advised there were 22 calls in 2018, 18 medical and 4 mutual aid calls, two in Fair Harbor and two in Saltaire.

Day light savings time is Sunday November 4th and reminded  residents to change batteries in some detectors. Members were advised in the event of a fire to close doors to prevent the spread of fire. Jeannie Lieberman inquired about the alarm siren code and the chief described the 911 process and that 13 alarms means a fire.



Commissioner Leone announned a KFD  budget hearing on Tuesday October 16 at 12PM at the Fire House. He also explained the new ISO rating being a 3 out of a 10 with 1 being the best rating. Only paid fire departments can get a rating of a 1 or a 2 and volunteer departments can rate a 3-10. The Public Protection Classification is based on our communication equipment, water supply and training. A letter from ISO showing our rating will be emailed to members and posted on our website. Contact your agent prior to your next renewal.



Several years ago a new Kismet homeowner volunteered his bus company to provide much desired off season access to Kismet after ferry service was cut off. His generous offer was unceremoniously shut down by the then administration in nano seconds. Elliott Epstein again addressed the issue and  a committee was  formed with Gary Leone, Rudy Gerlick and Charlie Fagan  to look further into it.



Sam Wood once again demonstrated his dedication to Kismet in many ways.
Sewer drains were cleared and the $600 expense was donated by Sam. He also took care of the exposed pipe on East Lighthouse. 

Sam contracted to clear garbage from playground reminding that Islip will not do this.

Sam is also managing our new Community cart service, donated by the McCarthy family, to be used for us and our guests who need rides to and from the ferry. You can contact Sam’s office to schedule pick up and drop offs. Although there are 10 people who are trained to drive the cart it seems that Jane Mooney is most often the designated driver and should be thanked enthusiastically.

Sam is also creating a Kismet Historical Society and volunteers are needed to assist with helping.

Additionally there will be a contest for a Kismet logo to be also incorporated into an official community flag. Terms to be announced in Jeannie’s Kismet Update column.



 Elections were held and current Board was reinstated.


                                   See you next summer…………….