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Kismet’s Annual KLAW Auction & Flea market


                                                   by Jeannie


The Kismet League for Animal Welfare opened it's flea market on the first beautiful weekend of the season- June 16h and 17th. Nevertheless sales were brisk.

There was an abundance of items for sale, so many that some of the newer donations were not opened till Sunday.

Regina English and Caroline Stern were among chief contributors.


An unintended “donor” was Ashley who was surprised to see a few items from the INN there! (He bought them back for a dollar)


The CAT Ladies:


Caroline shows her KLAWs

How do I look?

Barbara, a very happy cat!

Carol purrs as she takes your money 



So much from which to choose:


Cindy Lou an early shopper

Mother/daughter conference

Who’s cuter – the buyer or the object of her desire?

This one’s for Harry



And who says the men don’t shop?!:


This is for my grandma


Mel’s on a mission


Their wives will be pleased


These look familiar

A power meeting?  


 AND DON’T FORGET THE BOOKS (thanks Barbara and Mark):







New friends were made:


How the winners were chosen:





Some of the Winners:

 Patty Lyon won the Bicycle and 4 dozen Clams

 Gary & Dawn won a gift certificate to the Kismet INN

 Barbara Winters won a gift certificate for the Kismet Market

 Alice Nyburg won a gift certificate for Pizza, the bucket of Bubbly & The scratch off Mannequin and the House Cleaning

Bradlee won the Beach Umbrella

Mark Nyburg won the Tequila,

Ken & Roseanne won the Poindexter picture & two gift certificates to Whalers

Other winners:  Assorted White Wines- Robert, Pansy’s Spices- 
George Hess; Kismet Inn - Leones



We did well.  Thank you, Kismet Community.

You have proved some “fleas” are good. 

The proceeds from the KLAW Flea Market & Auctions will help our efforts.