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                               By Jeannie


The weather gods teased us on the day of Kismet’s Grand Event with the forecast that promised rain sometime in the afternoon. And those involved in the fair for almost a year groaned.


As it turned out it couldn’t have been better! The skies were clear, it was pleasantly breezy and many people chose to forgo the beach with that forecast which meant that the focus of almost the entire community was on this community celebration.


The winds blew up around 3:30, a half hour before Kismet Day was to end, but the rain came much too late to do any damage.


Planning for this event to my knowledge began with a conversation I had with Sam Wood in February about his dunking booth but it was in the ion the boards well before that.


I do not believe any corporations could’ve handled it any better then the KFDA with Dana at the head, Wendy keeping us informed, committees signed and it even made it into Sam’s comedy monologue about the amount of volunteers there were in our community.


Indeed early in the morning of the big day downtown was a sea of bright T-shirts so much so that I wondered if we weren’t all volunteers, but the good citizens came and they spent.


Who could resist Neal Mandel in his special 50-50 hat hawking his tickets to the point that every one was eventually sold. I think I heard over $4000 was raised by that alone.


The Puppies with a Purpose dogs showed up to the delighted a little children who later convened at the tennis court for tattoos and games.


Shoppers were enticed by a variety of wares from hand painted sneakers, to provocative paintings, hand made jewelry, scented soaps, designer stationery, beachy signs.


The firehouse with packed with auction items, and the huge raffles from each block where predominately displayed where we could all salivate owning them.


Sam’s dunking booth drew community celebs and comics alike as Casey and Gracie combed the community for likely candidates and their tormentors, including KCA VP Tom Licari, Joe McKeon and fire chief Dominic.


 An unplanned but exciting exhibit occurred mid event at the Coast Guard boat which was offering tours of their boat. Suddenly a siren called them to emergency duty and we all had a chance to see them spring into action.

The suspense grew increasingly as the promised 3:30 announcement hung in the air of the winners of the major raffles and the 50-50. The climax of the day was finally announced.


The Dirty Vice Band on Dana’s rooftop played well past the 4PM deadline which no doubt had Paul at the Out nervous as the Mahogany band was due shortly.


It was a grand event truly, and I believe everyone in the community who attended or participated was tired but happy… specially the winners.







The DUNKING BOOTH – Dunkers & Dunkees












Unexpected Excitement as the Coastguard, originally offering tours of their boat suddenly responded to an emergency call




Kids: Games and tattoos




Browsing & Shopping

Welcome back, Helen





 A fashion statement….



Kids and Canines








The Prizes



Kim Sitone won West Lighthouse’s wagon of beach gear. Jack Ewald won Seabay’s Baja Cruiser bike. Tara Cuccio won Oak’s Kismet Day basket. Emmy won East Lighthouse’s Samsung TV. LeAnn won Pine’s Weber Grill. 

Lynn G won the 50/50. Bob and Jane N won the Lottery Tree








…and the band played on………..


Hi Jeannie-


Community Day was unique...and phenomenal.

Because of the Journal and the various raffles last Saturday there are many moving parts.

We continue to have some monies coming in so we won't have a final number for a couple of weeks.

I think it would be misleading to just report what came in and not subtract the various costs.

Of course when the better numbers come in Dana and we all will share.


Personally, I have so proud of how the whole Community came together with activities for all.

BayWalk was a sea of lime green teeshirts!

The Kids Games-and having all be free-was a big hit. Sam Wood's generous donation of the Dunk Tank will be bar news for the whole Summer. (Dom Bertucci and daughter Lizzie were a hoot, as was Joe McKeehan , Casey Licari, and many more)

I overheard delight from the kids and adults who toured the Coast Guard boat. Rudy bid on and won a float they donated! And he won one of the cakes/sweets MJ Voltz kindly donated to the raffle.

One of my favorites is the win of the West Lighthouse Walk's wagon by Kim Sitone! Emmie Ryan won the TV from east Lighthouse Walk-and then traded for the grill- but someone thought that it was me. Hahahahaha.

The huge winner of the 50/50 was Lynn Goiella from Camelot. (Neal Mandel, Eddie Schwartz and crew are very persuasive.)


The list of the volunteers is long and being verified. People pitched in everywhere. Dana and Wendy will be assembling it.


Long way to say, no tallies just yet.


Patty Lyon


Kismet Community Day was a great demonstration of what this town can accomplish when we all put our best efforts together, all for the love of Kismet. 

Dana DeRuvo Hanner, R.N.