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Kismet Festival Results



July 20

Like a well oiled machine the long awaited, much touted,

Kismet Festival by the Bay

†rolled into downtown Kismet with master organizer Dana DeRuvo at the helm and her hardy henchmen the KFDA Board: Ginny Butler, Patty Lyon, Wendy Schou, Gary Leone and† Karen Spollen,† and an army of 25 plus volunteers inhabited the area, each to assigned places and seemingly effortlessly "pulled it off".


Discussions began in January. It was decided in March with monthly meetings from then on to iron out the details.

When gift cards came in they were kept secure.




†"We wrapped on Thurs simply because we are receiving items up until the day of the event. Many many changes are made during the final week. Itís a tremendous amount of work. I have no idea how many hours. (And I donít want to know.) 
I would say we had about 25 or so volunteers working. We began setting up at 8 am. Finished right before 11. Husbands, who are not members, jumped in to do the heavy lifting for us. They were terrific! " (Wendy)






Chinese Auction and SILENT AUCTION in Firehouse


a massive array of enticements


Mmmmmmmmmm, Yum






Some Chinese auction winners


Cooler - Lazy Bones

Tool S      Dawn

Silent Discos - Grace & Casey

Watch - Tom L


Block prize raffles


Grand Prizes:

West Lighthouse-Weber grill- someone at the Bulkhead. Tiana
East Lighthouse-Yolo paddle board is Erin W
Oak-Kismet Basket-Sue Dunn
Pine-Yeti cooler-Dave W
Seabay-Sun Bike-Frank from E Lighthouse 
Bulkhead-Umbrella and Bistro set-Amy W

VENDORS/BOOTHS: Diverse array of vendors offering hats (much needed) hand crafted signs and gifts, wine bottle cozies, paintings, gorgeous jewelry, hand salve. Canine rescue service dogs were well behaved, and a woman from sea mammals rescue organizatiion.



bob burns hand crafted treasures† 516 695 6196


most colorful give aways

this lady grows

plants to eat without soil

Jewelry from a unique one of a kind stone


Lovely CaItlin and equally lovely mom Jeanine Crawson (Cole) selling T Shirts and hand made (cooked) magic salve for hands and skin

Big brawny guy selling his mom's cute bottle cozies


paintings for special occasion by


possibly the happiest vendor everyone buying hats on the hot sunny day and a gal on each arm

barbara wolf jewelry designs† 212 777 3278


†Megan Isaac also presented her silver jewelry designs† 646 246 8695


lovely lady represents organization which saves sea turtles, dolphins and seals and other injured mammals washed in shore† Rescue Hotline 631 369 9829



Volunteers at their posts

Gossip or Strategy?


Uh? where does this one go?


Build it and they will come

plenty of hats in the record heat


AH! The Dunking Booth a crowd favorite thanks to the Hawking of Myrna, Michelle, Casey and Gracie (and a good way to cool off)




did i win anything?


Master hucksters Eddie and Neal couldn't stop selling


50-50† winner John Tucker on pine


we love our work

Applause for everyone.......job well done


††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††................ next year ???


Final note:

In spite of the extreme weather conditions i.e. the heat wave ,the Kismet Festival by the Bay was well supported by the community and beyond.

there were fun filled activities for all, delicious food and lots of shopping at the many vendor booths.

The dunk tank was especially refreshing on such a hot day .

Although this much anticipated event is over the KFDA is still receiving donations and still has expenses to be paid.

We feel confident that we will be able to meet our goals to optimize the potential of the Kismet fire department and the community.

A good time was had by all. Thank you to all who supported our efforts.

†††††††††††††††††††††† Dana