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                                 By Jeanne Lieberman

Kismet’s new hero, Dwayne Diesu, is a modest man who has kept a deliberately low profile for the 25 years he has lived here. Married 38 years, his 4 kids have worked several jobs in the community. He loves Kismet and has supported it throughout the years in various ways. 

Chasing the dream for over 15 years 

Together with his partners, Paul and Ed Major, who have also lived here under the radar for five years, they have been chasing the dream for over 15 years. How they managed to land a deal nobody else could is still a secret. Ever modest they will not say exactly how they pulled off this miracle but one suspects it’s largely a product of timing. Boatel owner Dolores Shevlin has purchased property on the mainland which is ready for occupancy.

They also attribute their success in finally landing this prime purchase by dealing primarily with the large real estate agents who were handling the property.  

By, With and For Kismet

This is the largest privately owned piece of real estate next to the Point of Woods on the Island.

The scary speculation has been over the years that some mega mainland developer would build up on the property and make it commercially viable by cramming as many structures as possible on it. 

“like living in a painting”

There is no way to understate the glorious experience of living in the Boatel on the Bay.

When I lived there, I used to say it was “like living in a painting” As you walked in the door and looked through the picture windows facing the bay you would see the bay fringed with a sliver of grass lined beach. boats mingling with the ferries and jet skis in a usually tranquil setting enhanced by the daily sunsets visitors would line up on the dock to photograph. Across the Bay the twinkling lights of Bayshore. At night an astrologer’s dream of star studded moonlit sky.

We were all truly blessed to live there and are so happy that that experience will survive.  

Kismet residents first, Builders second

The new owners are heroes because they are Kismet residents first and are trying to maintain the original flavor and flair of the Boatel. Not building up or doing anything dramatically different at the moment, just improving the existing units, not changing the footprint of the original 11 units, mostly adding air-conditioning and remodeling. Much was needed since it was built in 1955.

The plan is to work feverishly before the cold sets in to have it ready for spring.  

response has been uniformly positive from Kismet people

Dwayne says the response has been uniformly positive from Kismet people happy that someone from Kismet, who knows and loves our standards, has bought it, not some crass commercial developer.  

Renting weeklies and monthlies

To quell residents’ fears of traditionally boisterous weekly renters they will be maintaining a minimum age of 30

 Additionally, Dwayne has promised to have it managed by a Kismet person making sure that this gorgeous property remains true to the Kismet tradition. friendly low key and ultimately an asset to the community. 

The units will be available for rental, weekly or monthly, by visiting their website in January

Their new email is 

We are all so grateful that it turned out this way 

Thank you Dwayne, Ed and Paul