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The Dancing Crane company

Malkhaz Shubitidze , Tamar Tsivilashvoli, Ilia Svianaidze , Manuchar Khubulava, Teona Gocholeaishvili, Irakli Tsaava .

The Dancing Crane company


                              by R. Pikser

South of Russia, north of Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, and on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, this Caucasian nation was a part of the Russian empire, then of the Soviet Union, and now is again an independent country.  Georgia is mountainous.  The balance and the strength of the legs and thighs required by the horsemanship for which the men are noted is seen in the sharp, clean movements, leaps, turns, and walking on the toes of their dances.  The women’s movements are reminiscent of the east, with gliding movements across the floor, gentle arm gestures with the hands at times hidden in the flowing sleeves seen in Chinese paintings.


This particular performance seemed to be a celebration of the work of the Georgian Cultural Center; it presented alternations of dance, much of which was spectacular, and mostly a Capella group singing by men, with one a vocal selection by boys and girls, and another by two women, assisted by the encouraging chorus master, Lexo Goderdzishvili, who clearly enjoys his music and his singers. 


Though this performance was geared towards the Georgian community, with family members warmly supporting the performers and places of honor in the audience reserved for members of the Georgian consulate, the dancing especially is well worth seeing by anyone who loves dance.  The dancers were brilliant, energetic, and clean in their execution.  Their vitality made us fall in love with them and reminded us why people dance and why people go to see dance:  It is the essence of aliveness and gives us a glimpse of what it means to go beyond ourselves and approach the ecstatic.


Dancing Crane Georgian Cultural Center

November 10th 2019

GK Arts Center

29 Jay Street

Brooklyn, NY

Tickets $40

Victor Sirelson 914 522 3888