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JUNE 18-19

Kismet Fire House


Saturday 10-4  Sunday 10-3


Bargains Galore!  Silent Auction!

Basket of Cheer Raffle


a benefit for Kismet League for Animal Welfare, a non-profit organization 


Even though the weather was perfect for the beach, and it was Father’s Day, Kismetics and their visitors managed to acquire a variety of items for literally a few dollars, to enrich their minds (books), wardrobes, kitchens and interior decoration. With Myrna hawking at the door it proved irresistible …safe in the knowledge that anything you didn’t like could be retuned  next year. Knowing it was for a good cause made the event even happier.


about us:


Kismet League for Animal Welfare


KLAW began in an informal way in the early 1990’s

when Kismet residents began to notice an increasing number of abandoned and feral cats in the community. The goal of the organization has always been to find ways to reduce or stabilize the population, which it has succeeded in doing

Our statement is simple and our goals are to achieve the following:

We proactively seek new approaches in the effort to end the suffering of companion animals in our society caused by cruelty, neglect, or human apathy

1. Provide abandoned cats with rabies vaccines

2. Provide food via feeding stations with property owners’ permission

                    for abandoned and feral cats throughout the year      

3. Reduce the cat population through a spay/neuter effort

We also work to place abandoned cats and kittens into permanent loving homes, when possible

KLAW achieves these goals through several annual fundraising events


If anyone has any comments or concerns about the work performed by KLAW contact them at


The Staff – many thanks for the very long hours they put in - before, during, after

Bradlee, Rita, Myrna, Alice, Carol, Helen and Susan (off camera)


This is my station.

Heidi, flanked by super saleswomen Myrna & Rita didn’t stand a chance

They came with carriages

Or with bird – goes with the outfit of course

How much for the bird?

The family that shops together…well, you know

Ashley, hangin’ with the help

Then back to work – came for his pots (and a cookie)

Myna’s efforts paid off: Kathy spent plenty and won many silent auction items

Karen bought “a few items” with Susan’s help

Sam typically bought a bit of Kismet History




Never too young to go shopping

New cook book for new kitchen for new homeowners Rosanne & Ken………

A teddy bear & a bat? What are Gracie & Kiley up to?

Better behave, dad’s here and sis Mysterious Mallory


Staffers Barbara & Bridget having too much fun out there


The Results:


We collected $3290.47 from the Flea Market, Basket of Cheer and 3 donations.  We have over $350 still owed (mostly Gene & Sam).  We took in $425 from the bike raffle.


Silent auction winners:  Kathy Henry (Inn, Out, Market, Nicky’s gift certificates), Sam Wood (2 framed copies of hand-drawn Kismet Map 1981 & designer hand bags), Gene McGovern (lighthouse painting donated by Regina English), Bradlee White (Amazon gift certificate) 

Basket of cheer:  1st- Mike Bell; 2nd- Addy Nyburg; 3rd - Nancy Russell




                        …the cats…and the community thank you!!!