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Kismet Art Show



                           By Bradlee


It was a hot day for the 2016 "Art Crawl" that was brought to a sudden and premature end by an early rain storm. 


The show was founded by Bill Poindexter

 “We had about 10 artists in that show. Over the years Kismet had many artists that were a part of the shows”  

It is an excellent way for artists to get exposure and possibly sales

“We look forward to future participation of new and exciting artists in our community”.


Works on display at this year’s art show.

About Bill:

Some of my career accomplishments are:

The General Mills "Big G" logo

Carlton cigarette design

Designer style tissue boxes for Scott Paper

On the team that created black Bar Code that is on all packages, today

Tropicana fruit juice designs

Graphs on food and drink packages in China, Panama, Puerto Rico,

Israel, Argentina, Southeast Asia and most states in the USA  


Beverly Koster was a new entrant to the Art Show.  A long-time Kismet renter, Beverly's hobbies are travel and photography.  She has combined them by producing striking photos from exotic places like Cambodia, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, and Burkina Faso.  She also exhibited several black and white pieces from Far Rockaway.  She prefers portraiture but her exhibit included unique horses from Mongolia and Blue Footed Boobies from Galapagos.


Visitors to Beverly's Exhibit

Beverly and Art Weisser


Andy had invited Maura Erickson, the painter who designed the mural at the Kismet Market, to come out for several weekends to hold paint parties for children.  They copy a painting from a display book and then can take the pictures home.  She did not know about the Art Show, but it fit in with the theme of the day.



Jake Perdie's friend, Cynthia is visiting for the summer.  She discovered an exciting Cuban painter in her work in a Miami art gallery.  Although Adrian Socorro is well known in Cuba, his work in new to Americans.


Jake and Cynthia


Cynthia showing Socorro's work


Caroline Stern

The rains came down and so did the hanging art work.  All that was left at Caroline's was the special hanging rack that George built.  The last group of visitors had to be content with the eclectic outdoor art work around the front yard.



Bill's paintings -- a collection of Mermaids -- were covered with canvas that his neighbor helped him take down later.  Bill described the turnout as light, but was glad to see a lot of old friends.