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                                                          By Jeannie


                                             Photos by Joanne’s niece, Alexandra Russell

Neither drenching rain, nor dropping temperatures kept the stalwarts from what everyone already knew would be a terrific party – all the ingredients were there – all Kismetics, friends and neighbors, in a post season tradition, and of course, the legendary seasonal food!

Note from hostess Joanne

Even though it feels as if April was only a few weeks ago, another season is rapidly coming to a close. The 7th annual Oktoberfest party is now in the record books. Turnout was excellent and a fabulous time was had by all. Caroline and George added their own special levity by appearing twice, the second time in costume, which was appreciated by all. This was the first year in which we had weather complications. Wendy and Jeff came to the rescue with the loan of their pop-up canopy and Sharon Sitone supplied two umbrellas large enough to cover the remainder of the deck. The party continued despite the pouring rain. Dripping jackets were hung in the shower stall and towels handed out as needed. Beer coolers served as benches and the iPod was perched on a flower box, away from water overflow. There was dancing on the deck in VERY squishy flip flops. Jenn Mandel arrived looking picture perfect (as usual), somehow the only guest without soggy hair, shoes or clothes!

There were contributions of kielbasa, brown bread and dip, buffalo chicken dip, cheese platters, cakes, cookies and deserts of all kinds along with many bottles of wine and cases of beer. We opened last year’s untouched Jägermeister but there was only one taker so that baby is back in the freezer until 2017. Once again, leftovers were minimal and most guests rolled up to the Inn afterwards to continue the evening

A huge shout- out to Margaret and Bill, Pam, Colette, Regina, Rose Ann, Alex and Nancy R, all of whom helped with party set-up, grilling of sausages and also washed many, many dishes.  Lastly, thanks again to everyone who attended and we’ll see you in the spring  

 Joanne, Tim and Carrie


Carrie and Pam:

Peanut franks, goose liverwurst and butter cheese on pumpernickel bread

Kale & boiled potatoes

Smoked pork tenderloin and Pinklewurst

Creamed Turnips and Spätzle

Butter Cake

Applejack punch with ginger beer, apple cider, fresh pears, apples, citrus and spices

Chocolate cake 

 Joanne and Helen:

Shrimp cocktail, Weisswurst, potato salad, roasted pork loin with dried apricots, prunes and apples, applesauce, roasted pork loin with sauerkraut and sausages, German style meatballs, red cabbage, arugula and fennel salad, pretzels, potato pancakes

                                                                                Joanne Agoglia

In the beginning….

On the verandah………..

Don’t disturb the cooks

Bring it on-

Rain did not affect this crowd

Good lookin’ guys


Great lookin’ gals

Inside- they came and stayed and ate and drank, and drank……..







Gary got around


AH! Dessert!


Thanks for comng………….see you next year!


                                       Good job everybody!!