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Always a treat despite competing events

                                                              Photos by Jeannie

We had about 60 attend there was a lot going on that evening with the Saltaire installation dinner and Grady O coming back to town!! It was a success in that everyone came with a smile and had a great meal prepared by Lou, Warren, Dawn and Tony Manzo. I did the shopping and setup along with the Fire Dept members who set up the tables and arranged seating. Of course Gary and Rudy were johnny on the spot for any and all requests. Gary and Dawn's nephew, niece, Lauren and Gavin helped out with flowers and setup.   Our fav Irishman Jimmy S tended bar, Christine V helped out with selling raffles and salad bar, and Joe Hanna pinched hit in the kitchen during meal time. Some who attended even stayed to help with cleanup. As far as the recipe that remains a family secret!!






Master Chef Lou at work.


And now my favorite task…

 handling those sausages!

Of course – we must have flowers


And dessert


Christine V


Service with a smile



Is that Rudy or the other guy?

Bradlee ponders while Ken eats

Wendy seems so sweet –

And Lorrie also …………….however

Is this a secret tongue code between neighbors?

……………must be!

Happy, happy


Awwwwwwwwwww, cute

Jake and new neighbor

Power duo?


Kismet Couples

He is about to win………….

             the 50/50 and they refused to let him donate it back

Guess who benefitted from that!

Emmie is very happy

Patty is VERY happy

Oops, too happy?

Oh, there she is – everybody is so happy – Jimmy is everywhere


Did we count the money?



Ta Da!!!!                                         


                                                        So long till next year!!!