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Paul Whitney

It is with sadness and regret that we have learned Paul Whitney passed away on November 10th. He was 82 years young.

Paul had "landmark" standing in this community. He was the proprietor of the Kismet Market for many decades and his son, Andy, succeeded him to manage the store in more recent years. We extend heartfelt condolences to the family.



He was a very special person. He took over the store in 1968 from Artie Russo and X Mayer.  His first year he was there by himself without any of us.  He commuted back and forth from our home in Bellmore.  In 1969 my mom, myself and my sisters Lori and Linda started to stay out there.  We’ve been out there ever since. 



 They have been married since Sept. of 1959, 56 years to his beautiful Rozzi. I’ve never really taken over, It’s always going to be Paul’s Market but I started running it by myself 8 years ago in 2007.



Livin’ the life…Florida?

 A rare picture – in Kismet one almost never saw Paul sitting down









His Love Rozzie 


Kismet 1988

High School graduation

Awww, so cute


With Samantha, my daughter


From Gary Arnold: Sorry to read this, your dad was nice to everyone. A real gentleman.


From Dawn Vilardi

 Andy I am soooooo sorry to hear about your dad's passing. We loved seeing his smile every time we would walk into the market. May your wonderful memories and faith get you through this tough transition. Its not goodbye, it's see you soon. God bless!


Kismet 1988 with Brooklyn Phil

Phil was an early riser and was always the first one in the store when Paul opened. They used to place lotto bets together twice a week and split the winnings.


From Myrna

I remember when Richie Kavan was the deli boy and his sister Daryl sat at the checkout handling the money.

At one time I had a large sum of money and I didn’t want to keep it in the house so Paul was my banker and held it for me. Before that when I was short of cash I would borrow a $20 from him  and when I returned it he has already forgotten about it.  

From Rita Goldman

Once I had a share who was not working out. July 4th weekend I told her she had to go – she wouldn’t leave so I went to Paul and borrowed the $450 to buy her out – he took it out of his pocket and gave it to me – no questions.


From Joyce Cole:

Larry (Cole, owner of the Kismet INN Next door) & Paul: were good friends and used to laugh a lot together

One day a drunk fell asleep in the phone booth that used to be outside the INN. Larry sent his young daughter Jeanine to get its number.

Larry & Paul called it over and over again, laughing hysterically


In a very hot summer, last day of  Labor day weekend,  Paul & Larry  had been trying to get some time to go to the ocean.

 Finally at the end of the day  they said “--- it” , joined hands and jumped into the boat basin.


From Roz S. 

 I remember getting off the ferry as Paul was closing the store one evening. We ran over as we saw him locking the door. He gave us the key - told us to take what we needed and let him know what we took. We tallied our purchases - locked the door and brought the key to him. That was trust!!!  WE would never have cheated him.


From Jeannie

 And the trust worked both ways:

Although inappropriate chronologically Paul was like a father figure to us.

In the golden age of Groupies it was considered déclassé to be seen “schlepping” food from the mainland and, indeed, eagle eyed Paul knew who did, even to a six pack of beer. Some “sneaked” food in taking a different route to avoid passing the market.

 The weekend tab began Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. As house organizer I would call the store, Sunday morning, bleary eyed, for a total, never even asked for the receipts, and divide by 8 or 10 shares in the house and the bills would come to $25-30 per share, including food and liquor for the entire weekend.  On special occasions we would order a turkey or steak in advance and it was always there, the best quality.

The market was also a social hub and shoppers would often chat with Paul.

So it became a good gossip center. Paul listened amiably but to my knowledge never divulged the dirtiest or juiciest of house secrets,



Andy Whitney


It's with great sorrow in my heart that I have to say good bye to my father, "The Chief" has passed away. He was surrounded with love and tears. While I miss his physical being I cherish his soul being inside of me. I will follow up with details as they become available. I am grateful for all of your thoughts of love and caring for my family 

"You don't have a soul. 
You are a soul. 
You have a body."

C.S. Lewis


Andy Whitney's photo.