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Thousands of Hamilton ticket holders from all over the country lost thousands of dollars when travel plans were cancelled. Westchester and Long Island theatergoers
similarly had to cancel.

Intrepid city dwellers, seizing the opportunity to fill those seats braved the elements unheeding incremental transportation shut down notices. Their goal: to use whatever means to make the 2PM Matinee curtain and worry about getting home later and,
indeed, there was a substantial stand by line.

Meanwhile casts of Broadway shows were advised the night before to find
accommodations in the city. Some, unprepared, scrambled to buy snow shoes. Many
were on their way to or already at the theaters when a flurry of emails issued around
12:30 said the 2:00 matinee and evening shows were cancelled

At 12:50 PM the Broadway League somewhat tardily announced the official
cancellation of all Saturday performances. Charlotte St. Martin, the president, said,
“We had to close, for the safety of the casts and crew.”

Peter Gelb, the Met’s general manager, took the stage one minute before the 1PM
curtain and sent 1,000 seated opera goers home.

The shows did go on in true show biz tradition Sunday; the cost of losing 61

Broadway performances – a 39 percent loss, roughly $10 million for the week.


Hamilton’s lead producer said “I can’t exchange the tickets because I have nowhere
to put those 2,600 people. I don’t have any tickets. They’re going to have to go to a
performance nine or 10 months away. Those who made purchases through the
show’s box office or from Ticketmaster will get a refund, but not seats for a future

Said a disappointed fan “I’m praying that eventually we’ll get to
see the show and some members of the original cast will still be in it.”


The openings of The Color Purple, School of Rock and Fiddler on the Roof
  concluded one of the most successful Fall seasons in decades

 Come along with us as the New Season begins


Shuffle Along Or The Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921 and All That Followed


see you at the theater!!!

Jeanne Lieberman, Publisher


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see you at the theater!!!

Jeanne Lieberman, Publisher


Hamilton heralded a spectacular Fall Season;
Can the new season match it?
Click here for a complete listing of the new shows

By Jeanne Lieberman on Feb. 1

Editor’s Notes: Immigration:
Broadway Sings while the world Debates

By Jeanne Lieberman on Nov. 23

Editor’s notes: Broadway’s Fall forecast ‘15
Few musicals, many revivals in the most diverse season in 10 years
- plus list of Broadway openings by date and location

By Jeanne Lieberman on Oct. 23

Broadway - Musicals

Fiddler On The Roof
by Eugene Paul On Jan.24

One of the greatest musicals in theatre history and one of the most appealing. Bring tissues.

by Michall Jeffers On Jan.13

Handily combines history and hip hop

Color Purple
by Michall Jeffers On Dec.22

"If God ever listened to a poor colored woman, the world would be a different place" states Cynthia Erivo, the show's breakout star.

School of Rock
by Michall Jeffers On Dec.22

Class is in session, and rocking is the lesson.

by Julia Polinsky on Nov. 23

Takes a dark tale about a difficult time in US history, and makes it about family, as well as patriotism, nationalism, loyalty.

On Your Feet
by Eugene Paul on Nov. 12

Gloria’s and Emilio’s greatest hit, fresh, lush, endearing, find the Latin in you, sway those hips and warm the cockles of your heart.

Spring Awakening
by Deirdre Donovan on Nov. 4

Deaf West Theatre proves a dark musical can be a very stirring—and soulful--experience.

Dames at Sea
by Marc Miller on Nov. 4

The expert spoof of Busby Berkeley musicals fits snugly on the Helen Hayes stage, as tap-happy and merry as ever.

Something Rotten
by Julia Polinsky on May. 5

Delivers the Three S’s of a great musical – Stars, Story, and Songs -- and adds in Silliness, its own special sauce, in spades. How art thou glorious? Let me count the ways.

The King and I
by Michall Jeffers on May. 5

Director Bartlett Sher has once again brought to life a classic of the musical theater. “Shall We Dance”? Absolutely!

Fun Home
by David Schultz on May. 5

Alison Bechdel’s graphic, haunting musical memoir is one of the finest this season. Don’t miss it.

An American in Paris
by Eugene Paul on Apr. 21

You’ve been waiting and waiting for this simply wonderful show. See it for the first time as soon as you can. You’ll be back.

Finding Neverland
by Russell Bouthiller on Apr. 20

Though the plot holds no surprises, it works magically and proves a pirate’s treasure for the whole family.

Honeymoon In Vegas
by joel Benjamin on Jan. 27

A totally delightful escapist old-fashioned musical with a witty book, funny songs and an energetic cast of oddball characters.

Side Show
by Eugene Paul on Nov. 28

You’ll be happy you saw the show and better yet, you’ll be happier you’re you.

‘Phantom of the Opera’
Welcomes Norm Lewis as its First Black Lead on Broadway

by Jeanne Lieberman on June. 18
Lewis brings a sexually intense, almost menacing persona, overpowering in this version and every indication the magic of this opus still works.

A Gentleman’s Guide To Love & Murder
By Michall Jeffers on May. 8
Lunacy abounds in a gleeful Gilbert-and-Sullivan-meets-music-hall delight featuring the incomparable Jefferson Mays.

After Midnight!
By Jeanne Lieberman on May. 1
The performances are a series of gems that shine brightly alone but blaze in unison until your heartbeat echoes the music’s rhythm, cardiologists take note! Artistic director Wynton Marsalis, and his Jazz at Lincoln Center All-Stars, launch you on a magical musical carpet ride that will eventually carry you on out to the street

by Jeannie Lieberman on Mar. 26
A true Disney magic carpet ride of opulent costumes, dazzling sets, creative choreography, savvy showbiz shtick and a Genie for all time.

Beautiful - The Carole King Musical
by Jeannie Lieberman on Jan. 29
A feel good evening of special delight to her fans and all those who just want a slick, nostalgic, music-packed evening.

Broadway - Plays

Our Mothers Brief Affair
by David Schultz on Feb. 2

Expertly acted memory play grapples with an aging parent with a dark secret, revealed in hushed tones.

by Eugene Paul on Jan. 31

As measured by the money meter, a palpable hit.

Noises Off
by Michall Jeffers on Jan. 24

Andrea Martin leads a rollicking troupe in a laugh filled romp.

Therese Raquin
by Deirdre Donovan on Dec. 31

Keira Knightley makes a steamy Broadway debut in Helen Edmundson’s new adaptation of Emile Zola’s 1867 novel

A View From The Bridge
by Eugene Paul on Dec. 15

Director Van Hove has distilled the ingredients of Arthur Miller’s play to an emotional simplicity which is so complex, we are never at ease.

by Michall Jeffers on Nov. 23

The Queen is dead; Long Live the King…or not.

by Eugene Paul on Nov. 23

There’s something about seeing Misery in the flesh that will give you creeps you don’t quite get watching that big, silver screen. Enjoy.

by David Schultz on Nov. 12

An aggressively in your face whimsical revival begs for your attention.

Old Times
by Eugene Paul on Oct. 27

A beautifully produced tribute to the most powerful enigma in the current Theater including a stage debut of movie star Clive Owen.

The Gin Game
by Eugene Paul on Oct. 22

If you take your laughs and pleasure with a little bit of extra seasoning, this is absolutely your dish.

Hand To God
by David Schultz on Apr. 21

A tour de force work that dazzles with verve and pitch black humor…. It has a limited appeal, but will definitely sate the adventurous theatergoer.

by Joel Benjamin on Jan. 20

The exquisitely detailed performances by Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson cannot hide the dearth of material.

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time
By Eugene Paul on Oct. 21

Be prepared for jolt after jolt in one of the most inventive, immersive, exciting evenings you will spend in the theatre.

Off-Broadway - Musicals

Snow White
by Edward Rubin On Feb.10

An adult version of the Grimm fairy tale as you have never seen it before.

Maurice Hines: Tappin’ Thru Life
by Julia Polinsky On Jan.21

Saucy, suave, sentimental and stylish, a totally irresistible tap through memory lane.

Once Upon a Mattress
by Deirdre Donovan On Dec.22

The Transport Group's revival a fresh theatrical confection.

by David Shultz on Dec. 22

Inscrutable, incomprehensible sci-fi yarn based on David Bowie film arrives DOA.

Invisible Thread
by Julia Polinsky on Dec. 15

Engaging, tuneful, exuberant, and happy.

Trip of Love
by Michall Jeffers on Nov. 4

Meant for sheer entertainment, it’s also reflects on the tempestuous time period. As the saying goes, if you remember the ‘60s, you weren’t really there.

First Daughter Suite
by Michall Jeffers on Nov. 4

A window into the lives of the wives and daughters, a modern opera by turns, contemplative, rollicking, and sensitive.

Rothschild and Sons
by Eugene Paul on Nov. 1

Newly reworked by its original creators after 45 years, the musical retains it sweep, moves faster than ever, hits hard.

Daddy Long Legs
by Michall Jeffers on Oct. 7

A beautiful duet for two talented performers

by Deirdre Donovan on Feb. 27

Lin-Manuel Miranda creates a trailblazing new musical about one of our founding fathers and steps into the titular lead at the Public Theater.

Lady, Be Good!
New York City Center Encores!
by Joel Benjamin on Feb. 16

Encores! has taken a silly period piece and turned it into an entertaining, if slight, confection. Tommy Tune a plus!

Off-Broadway - Plays

The Woodsman
by Julia Polinsky on Feb. 10

How a woodchopper turned into tin, an unflinching staging of terror and pain comes as a bit of a shock. In a good way.

Chatting With the Tea Party
by Marc Miller on Jan. 31

Rich Orloff’s docu-drama of his journey to the other political side employs minimal theatricality, but does offer compelling insights.

I and You
by Julia Polinsky on Jan. 28

Starts with a shriek and a threat, and ends with hope, love, and a huge, heartbreaking surprise.

Mother Courage and Her Children
by Deirdre Donovan on Jan. 24

Kecia Lewis resurrects Brecht’s iconic character with gutsiness and daring at the Classic Stage Company.

The Changeling
by Deirdre Donovan on Jan. 21

Thomas Middleton and William Rowley’s wild and wooly tragedy is helmed by Red Bull’s artistic director Jesse Berger.

Neil LaBute New Theater Festival at 59E59 Theaters
by Julia Polinsky on Jan. 21

Six one-act plays that focus on Love and Death.

Marjorie Prime
by Michall Jeffers on Dec. 18

A series of ephemeral memories that both illuminate and, at times, confound in this work of great delicacy.

by Julia Polinsky on Dec. 17

Nothing insignificant about of the role of women in the history of astronomy.

by David Schultz on Dec. 4

Jazzy Show Biz riff on middle aged gay New Yorkers settling down, and raising children.

Incident at Vichy
by Eugene Paul on Nov. 30

A decent, respectful mounting of a Miller play that holds undiscovered fire and brimstone in its thinking, in its bones.

Dear Elizabeth
by Julia Polinsky on Nov. 30

Two poets pour out their hearts and inner lives in letters to each other. Their correspondence tells a poignant tale of intimacy at a distance.

Dada Woof Papa Hot
by David Schultz on Nov. 30

Middle-aged gay white parents get their comeuppance in this new dramedy. A singular take on the travails of Dada Hood writ large.

Alison’s House
by Marc Miller on Nov. 20

Susan Glaspell’s Pulitzer-winning drama, rife with family intrigue, gets a solid rendering at the Metropolitan Playhouse.

by Eugene Paul on Nov. 12

Two old ladies in a retired living facility make a bet that they can drive the other one from their shared quarters. And they try.

by Michall Jeffers on Nov. 11

Can there truly be fun in a dysfunctional family?

In White America
by R. Pikser on Nov. 9

How sad that, after 50 years, this play still has so much to tell us. But we need to confront, not smooth over its lessons.

The Humans
by David Schultz on Nov. 4

Playwright Stephen Karam hits a home run with this perfectly cast chamber piece.

The Hummingbird’s Tour
by Eugene Paul on Nov. 4

When a mysterious, charismatic guru leaves prophecies for each one in the household, then vanishes, should they read them?

Welcome to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
by Eugene Paul on Oct. 27

If you love bad jokes and a harum-scarum knockabout take clashing very different societies, this one’s for you.

Death Of A Salesman
by Eugene Paul on Oct. 23

Arthur Miller’s masterpiece becomes even more telling in Yiddish in this worthy successor to other fine productions.

Fool For Love
by David Schultz on Oct. 23

Sam Shepard’s Mythical American West; seedy motel, wounded couple, raw sex, seventy-five minutes of overwrought angst.

Waiting for Godot
by Deirdre Donovan on Oct. 22

Beckett’s most famous work is revived by the Gare St. Lazare Ireland company with clockwork precision.

Macbeth of the Oppressed
by Nicholas Linnehan on Oct. 20

Billed as a Multicultural cast, they utilize a diverse crew of actors to tell their tale.

Clever Little Lies
by David Schultz on Oct. 17

1960’s era sitcom style play gets a run through in Joe DiPietro’s latest comedy of sex, love and secrets.

A Strindberg Double-bill: The Storm and Burnt House
by Deirdre Donovan on Oct. 17

Two of Strindberg’s late-career Chamber Plays are revived in a double-bill by the August Strindberg Repertory Theatre.

Fashions for Men
by Joel Benjamin on Mar. 4

A lovingly staged period piece about honor, romance and haberdashery.

John & Jen
by Joel Benjamin on Mar. 3

A small show with big emotions, illuminated through the writing of Lippa and Greenwald and given life by Conor Ryan and Kate Baldwin.

Between Riverside and Crazy
by Joel Benjamin on Feb. 25

A complex, riveting, if oddly constructed, comedy-drama from a brilliant young playwright.

Off-Broadway - Solo Performance


By Deirdre Donovan on Jan. 18
Susanne Sulby’s meditation on the horrors of war across the centuries brings the audience on a soul-searching journey.

Phalaris' Bull : Solving the Riddle of the Great Big World

By Julia Polinsky on Dec. 22
This one-man show is basically a philosophy lecture on steroids, enhancing or annoying, 80 minutes of dazzling tour de talk


By Deirdre Donovan on Dec. 7
Kathleen Chalfant resurrects the famous Kennedy matriarch in this one-woman bio-drama.

The Miracle of Long Johns

By Edward Rubin on Dec. 4
A dizzying array of dance, song, double-entendres, and vaudevillian-type jokes from every conceivable angle—political, social, cultural, sexual, and otherwise.


By R. Pikser on Nov. 30
Combines the best of two worlds: education and the transformative power of theatre. What an honor to have seen this piece and to have seen this level of work.

Colin Quinn The New York Story

By Michall Jeffers on Nov. 23
Unencumbered by political correctness. effortless charm, that ability to make us laugh in spite of ourselves, is Quinn’s super power.

The Bullpen

By Eric Grunin on Feb. 16
Gives you more truths about the justice system in an hour than any cable drama gives you in a whole season.The Central Park Five, the group falsely arrested in 1989, spoke after the performance .


By Eugene Paul on Nov. 17
Actor/playwright Tom Dugan gives a remarkable performance as remarkable Simon Wiesenthal, unexpectedly warm, uplifting, insightful.


92Y Talks: Gloria and Emilio Estefan in Conversation with Rita Moreno
By Dierdre Donovan on Nov. 9

They recounted anecdotes from their personal and public lives besides the opening of the bio-musical On Your Feet

Chita Rivera Receives Distinguished Performance Award
from Drama League at Star Studded Ceremony

By Jeanne Lieberman
photos by John Barrett, Jeanne Lieberman and MLO on May. 14

The most elegant of the many Awards celebrations.

Words on Dance: Ballet to Broadway
By R. Pikser on May. 14

Christopher Wheeldon’s generous and intelligent soul was gently brought into view by a no less generous Rita Moreno.

Everybody Rise! A celebration of Elaine Stritch

By Jeanne Lieberman on Nov. 24

Not the tender hearted, tear inspiring tribute of most memorials, the event was like its subject: over the top, irreverent and raucous.

John Lahr and Tony Kushner on Tennessee Williams
by Joel Benjamin on Oct. 8

Lahr's biography Mad Pilgrimage focuses on the interdependence of Williams’ mental and emotional health and the quality of his writing.



Soul to Soul
National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene

By R. Pikser on Jan. 23
An uplifting concert in celebration of the Jewish community’s connection to the Black liberation struggle.

A Funny Thing Happened: Songs from the Road to Broadway
By Deirdre Donovan on Jan. 19
Kathleen Marshall hosts the 92 Street Y’s Lyrics and Lyricists series and gives the juice on some of Broadway’s classic songs.

NY Pops – It’s Christmas Time in the City
By Stewart Schulman on Jan. 3
“A concert engendering feelings of love, good cheer, and awe.”

Handel’s Messiah: The Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys with Concert Royal
By Deirdre Donovan on Dec. 15
An exquisite presentation of the master’s most celebrated composition.

I’ve Got a Little Twist
By Deirdre Donovan on Dec. 10
The New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players make their debut at Feinstein’s / 54 Below and gave their hallmark patter songs a sparkling neon glow.

Saint Thomas Choir Of Men And Boys and orchestra present Mozart’s Requiem and Haydn’s Missa in Angustiis (Nelson Mass)
By Deirdre Donovan on Nov. 23
A great pairing of works for a soul-stirring concert with at Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue.

Cirque De La Symphonie: with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra
By Deirdre Donovan on Oct. 29
The best cirque artists of the world team up with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra for a magical evening in Newark.

The Pirates of Penzance (or The Slave of Duty)
By Deirdre Donovan on Oct. 27
MasterVoices (formerly the Collegiate Chorale) lighted down for two evenings in mid-October, and wowed the audience with this charming work.

The Cy Walter Centennial Celebration And CD Release Party at The Cutting Room
By Linda Amiel Burns on Oct. 5
photos by Maryann Lopinto

“His creative style was unique, largely defied stereotyped definition, and set it’s own standard.”

Our Time: Sullivan & Harnar Sing Sondheim
54 Below

By Joel Benjamin on Feb. 12

Two cabaret greats at the top of their game.

A Good Thing Going: The Stephen Sondheim and Harold Prince Collaboration
Lyrics & Lyricists , 92Y

By Joel Benjamin on Jan. 20

An evening of Sondheim songs, personal memories and great singing…what more do you need?

A Maestro’s Memoirs
by Deirdre Donovan on May. 22
Musician Donald Pippin time-travels back through star-dusted moments in his long-and-winding career.

David Ostwald and his Louis Armstrong Eternity Band at Birdland
by Jeanne Lieberman on May. 1
David Ostwald, who sets the pace and chooses the songs as he goes, leads a magic meld of multigenerational music meisters that varies slightly from week to week.


Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games
By Julia Polinsky on Dec. 11

Big, bold, spectacle wrapped around a simple storyline in Michael Flatley’s fabulous flambuoyant farewell tour

By R. Pikser on Nov. 30

The TuTu Trilogy
By R. Pikser on Nov. 19

Some witty words, some in-jokes, and a few interesting, comments on dancers and dance.

Donald Byrd/Spectrum Dance Theater
The Minstrel Show Revisited

By R. Pikser on Nov. 11

Using the stereotypes of the 19th century minstrel show and updating them offers us a chance to reflect upon ourselves.

Career Transition for Dancers Benefit
30th Anniversary Pearl Jubilee at City Center

By Linda Amiel Burns on Oct. 1

The sole arts-service organization in the US that’s dedicated to helping dancers into their post-performing years presented an exhilirating evening of diverse dance styles.

LUV: American Style
By R. Pikser on May. 15

Dr. Rennie Harris has put together a work that, in one hour, covers everything we want in a theatrical experience, and more.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
By Joel Benjamin on Dec. 30

Three new works expand the techniques and expressive power of this exciting troupe’s dancers.


Tim and Scrooge
by Ed Lieberman on Dec. 15

A heartwarming story of love, loyalty and family, enthusiasticly performed by a talented cast.

A Wonderful Life
by Ed Lieberman on Oct. 27

Lackluster production still offers a very pleasant holiday diversion that left some in the audience weeping in the end.

Show Boat
by Ed Lieberman on Oct. 22

One of the truly ground breaking Broadway musicals of all time in a gorgeous must-see production.

Fire Island Sun Articles

by Jeannie on Jan. 3

Fire Island National Seashore has announced their plan to shoot Fire Island’s deer They are giving us 30 days to try to change their minds

by Jeannie on Dec. 31

A series of photos from beginning to end

A Farewell to Paul Whitney
by Jeannie on Dec. 29

It is with sadness and regret that we have learned Paul Whitney passed away on November 10th. He was 82 years young. Paul had "landmark" standing in this community. He was the proprietor of the Kismet Market for many decades and his son, Andy, succeeded him.

Halloween at the Kismet INN
A great send off to a great summer!
by Jeannie on Nov. 24

See you next year…


by Jeannie on Oct. 22

Bravi to Joanne and her culinary team: Carrie, Helen, Pam, et al for this truly “Gemütlichkeit“ affair.

Fire Island Sun publisher featured in Newsday Article

by EMILY C. DOOLEY on Oct. 11
Photos by Steve Pfost

La Cage Aux Folles, a perfect fit for Pines Art Project’s grand finale for the season!
by Jeannie on Oct. 6
Photos by Parker Sargent

Cherry Grove (APCG) end-of-season gala ball: Return to Studio 54
by Jeannie on Oct. 6
Photos By James Belzer & Jerry Jakson

Panzi was very much the Grande Dame as she welcomed 100 plus revelers to the Gala.

Legends VI: A Musical Celebration of Cherry Grove’s Homecoming Queens: Hullabaloo: A ’60s Musical Flashback
by Jeannie on Oct. 6
Photos by Ray Bagnuolo

What the Grove does best is its spectacular array of Drag Queen as a fitting send off of the season.

Miss Fire Island celebrates its 50th “Golden” Anniversary contest at the Ice Palace in Cherry Grove
by Jeannie on Oct. 5
Photos by James Belzer & Jerry Jakson

Though sudden downpour caused some chaos at closing crowning ceremonies it didn't rain on the winners' parade as the wearing of the crown for a year and righteously earned life long bragging rights are priceless.

by Jeannie on Oct. 1

“He was a guy’s guy and the love of his life was his daughter Shannon, her husband Joe and his three grandchildren. It was a perfect ceremony bringing laughs as well as the sentiment”

2015 Kismet Kaye Mixed Up Unisex Doubles Tournament
Text by Barbosa, photos by Jeannie on Sep. 17

“Kismet or Fair Harbor…its all Fire Island” said new tennis star, Danielle.

Kismet’s Annual Arthur Lem Memorial Snapper Tournament
Photos & text by Bradlee White on Aug. 27

The children had one of the most exciting fishing adventures in years.

Photos by Bradlee White & Joanne Padavano on Aug. 27

The venerable Fire Department fundraiser remains a crowd favorite for both moms and dads and their kids.

Fashion On Fire, Benefit For Rosie O’Donnell’s Theater Kids
at The Ice Palace

by Jeannie on Aug. 27
Photos by Parker Sargent

by Parker Sargent on Aug. 21

Barebones first run of this energetic and endearing story of love is proof that David Auxier’s new musical is destined for a bigger stage.

by Jeannie on Aug. 21

Introducing a New Drag Queen and the simultaneous execution of three perfect splits made show history.

by Parker Sargent on Aug. 20

Her ability to effortlessly take you on the twisting journey through her mind makes you feel safe that she is at the wheel.


Dear Friends,
Recently, we were all saddened by the news that BILL PEREZ had passed away. Bill was a fellow Grovite for many, many years and quite the performer on the Community House Stage. I am sure you can all remember him sitting on the dock, taking in all the sights, with comment of course!

A Tribute to “Brooklyn” Phil
by Jeanne Lieberman on Aug. 14

Everybody liked him."He had no enemies”, more than one person said.

by Jeanne Lieberman on Aug. 13

A festive event on the beach, astounding in the creativity and fervor to enter, compete, eat, drink and judge.

Margaret Cho at Ice Palace: The Psycho Tour
by Jeanne Lieberman on Aug. 13

Covering the territory from lesbians to fag hags to gays each group responded with roars of recognition.

Lorraine Michels book signing:
“The Invasion of The Pines, 40 years of Fun, Frolic and Fantasy”

by Parker Sargent on Aug. 13

Captures the drama of drag, the passion of performance and the electricity of the Invasion.

Hedda Lettuce: Big Queen Small Throne
by Parker Sargent on Aug. 13

From the moment the show starts until the very end, she captivates the crowd.

by Jeannie on July. 24
photos by Jeannie, Myrna, Wendy, Bradlee

Tim: Kismet was starved for a good old fashioned block party and that's exactly what we got.

Cherry Grove is on Fire
by Parker Sargent on July. 17
Photos by Sean P Hargrove

Benefit for the Cherry Grove Fire Department paid off in talent…and money!

by Jeannie on July. 17
Photo by Sean Hargrove

In a benefit performance for APGC the prodigal Grovite proved to a delighted audience she has only improved with age!

INVASION ’15: 40 & Fabulous!
by Jeannie Lieberman on July. 10
Photos by Just Lorraine & Joyce Rogers

The record breaking crowd an astounding welcome befitting this momentous 40th anniversary of the Invasion.

Parade, Sam’s tribute slide show, the houses, Seabay Annual Potluck dinner

on July. 10
Photos by Bradlee

Seabay Annual Holiday Potluck Dinner
Text and photos by Bradlee on July. 10

3 stung on Fire Island by Portuguese man-of-wars

By Stacey Sager on July. 10

These sad stories raise many questions

on July. 10

If sharks, whales, and stingrays were not enough –
6 More Hazards to Beware of at Long Island Beaches This Summer

on July. 10

by Jeannie Lieberman on June. 25

The good news, it was a rainy weekend! The bad news, it was a rainy weekend!

Grove Remembers Lois McIntosh in Touching Tribute
by Jeannie Lieberman on June. 25

In the midst of a busy day there was a genuine moment of truth and emotion for a beloved Grove Icon, Lois McIntosh.

Kismet Fire Department Installation Dinner June, 2015
by Jeannie Lieberman on June. 19

The prestigious but peripatetic tradition has traveled from The Out, to a party boat, to the bay area of the Firehouse and now to the Out Courtyard.

by Jeannie Lieberman on June. 12

Despite somewhat less than the 90 people expected co-chair Bobbi Baker was very happy about the $22,780 netted before expenses.

by Jeannie Lieberman on June. 1

Demi Tasse an overwhelming favorite



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