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Delightful, Diverse, Delicious New Season


Women of all ages will be delighted from little girls

(Frozen) to bigger girls (Mean Girls) to really big girls

(Three Tall Women)

And Dolly (1964) will be joined by her older sisters Julie in Carousel (1945) and Liza in My Fair Lady (1956) to the consternation of some ?Me, too?-ers.

Rocktopia the only new musical will be joined by two juke box musicals Jimmy Buffet?s Escape to Margaretville, and Donna Summer?s Summer.


If you?re tired of paying big bucks for short shows bring your cushions and coffee for three very long ones: the only new play, Harry Potter, and Angels in America, both in two parts and a very long The Iceman Cometh

with Denzel Washington, the only new mega star in the constellation except perhaps for the return of Glenda Jackson.

The remaining plays are revivals: Lobby Hero, Children of a Lesser God, St. Joan, Travesties and The Boys in the Band opening in May.


The new season is shorter, but Oh so sweet!




Come along with Theaterscene as we cover them all


see you in the theater


                                            Jeanne Lieberman, Publisher


(see new Editor?s Notes for more detail)




...see you in the theater

Jeanne Lieberman, Publisher





FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2018 at 1:00pm




Featuring Performances and Appearances

From Over 20 Broadway Shows,

Including Every 2018 Tony Award® Nominee For

Best Musical!













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Escape to Margaritaville Three Small Irish Masterpieces The Low Road
Later Life The Signature Project Good for Otto
Three Wise Guys Extreme Whether
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Frankenstein A New Musical Balls Stories By Heart
Labute New Theater Festival 59E59 Labute New Theater Festival
Hindle Wakes 20th Century Blues Einstein!
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Shadowlands It's a Wonderful Life: The Live Radio Play
Farinelli and the King Meteor Shower SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical
The Children Sleep De Novo
Once On This Island The Parisian Woman


Editor?s notes: Delightful, Diverse, Delicious New Season
By Jeanne Lieberman on March 05, 2018

Musicals of all kinds, from My Fair Lady to Margaritaville, outnumber the plays. Women dominate from St Joan to Donna Summer.
Movie adaptations and revivals outweigh the new.
Find out where and when.

By Jeanne Lieberman on September 29, 2017

Movie Stars, TV Stars, Pop Stars, Comedy Stars will join our Broadway stars to entertain us. Diverse and Exciting

Editor?s notes: TONYS 2017
Conquerors and Casualties

By Jeanne Lieberman on June 15, 2017

It was a long night for some, a memorable night for others.

Editor?s Notes: And the winners are?
By Jeanne Lieberman on May. 23, 2017

Ah! That exciting time when success or failure;
a future on the road or sudden death is determined.

Editor’s Notes: April 16: Social Injustice
North Carolina "bathroom" law inspires the entertainment community to protest.

Once again the arts have proved to be first responders to social injustice.

By Jeanne Lieberman on Apr. 29

Editor’s Notes: Immigration:
Broadway Sings while the world Debates

By Jeanne Lieberman on Nov. 23

Broadway - Musicals

Summer: The Donna Summer Musical
by Julia Polinsky on April, 30, 2018

Like watching a glitzy, glossy Vegas tribute. But it?s got a beat, and you can dance to it. (People do. And sing along.)

Mean Girls The Musical
By Deirdre Donovan on April 25, 2018
Tina Fey?s a fond look back at the tribal rites of high school.

By Marc Miller on April 16, 2018
What happens when you tamper with a classic.

Frozen: The Broadway Musical
By Julia Polinsky on April 09, 2018
Take a kid, and see the magic through a child?s eyes. Disney Does Fun. Let it go, and let ?em.

By Eugene Paul on March 28, 2018
If you love classical music and if you love rock music as much this show?s for you.

Escape To Margaritaville
By Eugene Paul on March 19, 2018
A big, bountiful splash of mellow Jimmy Buffett songs and attitude superbly merchandised. Thoroughly enjoyable.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical
By Deirdre Donovan on December 18, 2017
Adventure packed musical sends you home with a renewed appreciation for the power of optimism.

Once On This Island
By Julia Polinsky on December 11, 2017
life, death, gods, peasants; family, community; faith, hope, despair; color and the transformative power of love.

The Band?s Visit
By Eugene Paul on November 17, 2017
Shining new star Katrina Lenk and shining stellar Tony Shalhoub head a brilliant cast in a brilliant, loving new show.

Prince of Broadway
By Eugene Paul on September 05, 2017
No one has reveled in the breadth of variety of productions covering a varied palette in taste and temperament, producing and directing for almost 70 years.

Miss Saigon
by Deirdre Donovan On May. 19 2017

This old musical that is best-known for its famous helicopter returns to Broadway as fresh as an orange blossom.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
by Eugene Paul On May. 09 2017

The Candy Man in the person of Christian Borle illuminates the theatre whenever he’s on stage with his assorted wonders.

Hello, Dolly
by Eugene Paul On May. 06 2017

Bette Midler is a phenomenon as a performer but it?s her winning warmth that clinches you in this great, musical classic.

by Eugene Paul On May. 03 2017

Funny, exciting, moving, realistic yet poetic, with show stopping songs. And chemistry? You gotta go.

by Marc Miller On May. 01 2017

Far the most extravagantly beautiful physical production you?ll ever see. Not a masterpiece but breathtakingly competent.

Come From Away
by Eugene Paul On Mar. 21 2017

Its rousing, inspiring book, music and lyrics and a soaring concept is something of a miracle.

Sunday in the Park with George
by Jeanne Lieberman On Feb. 23 2017

Gyllenhaal Soars on Sondheim Score, a wave of art and artistry.

Dear Evan Hansen
By Rachel Goddard On Dec. 23, 2016

An exposed look at what life is really like for an anxious teenager in the midst of tragedy

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812
By Deirdre Donovan On Dec. 7, 2016

Dave Molloy takes a 70-page sliver of Tolstoy?s War and Peace and morphs it into a total-immersion rock musical.

by Eugene Paul On Nov. 15, 2016

Achingly funny, achingly sad, witty, clever, beautiful, nuts, layers and layers of feeling and meaning. Unmissable.

by Michall Jeffers On Sept. 22, 2016

all in all, the show remains the same, cloying to some, purrrfect to others.

by David Schultz On May.4

A tart treat mixed with gobs of sweetness, meld together into perfection.

by Michall Jeffers On Jan.13

Handily combines history and hip hop

School of Rock
by Michall Jeffers On Dec.22

Class is in session, and rocking is the lesson.

On Your Feet
by Eugene Paul on Nov. 12

Gloria’s and Emilio’s greatest hit, fresh, lush, endearing, find the Latin in you, sway those hips and warm the cockles of your heart.

Honeymoon In Vegas
by joel Benjamin on Jan. 27

A totally delightful escapist old-fashioned musical with a witty book, funny songs and an energetic cast of oddball characters.

Side Show
by Eugene Paul on Nov. 28

You’ll be happy you saw the show and better yet, you’ll be happier you’re you.

‘Phantom of the Opera’
Welcomes Norm Lewis as its First Black Lead on Broadway

by Jeanne Lieberman on June. 18
Lewis brings a sexually intense, almost menacing persona, overpowering in this version and every indication the magic of this opus still works.

After Midnight!
By Jeanne Lieberman on May. 1
The performances are a series of gems that shine brightly alone but blaze in unison until your heartbeat echoes the music’s rhythm, cardiologists take note! Artistic director Wynton Marsalis, and his Jazz at Lincoln Center All-Stars, launch you on a magical musical carpet ride that will eventually carry you on out to the street

by Jeannie Lieberman on Mar. 26
A true Disney magic carpet ride of opulent costumes, dazzling sets, creative choreography, savvy showbiz shtick and a Genie for all time.

Beautiful - The Carole King Musical
by Jeannie Lieberman on Jan. 29
A feel good evening of special delight to her fans and all those who just want a slick, nostalgic, music-packed evening.

Broadway - Plays

By Julia Polinsky on May 4, 2018

Hilarious, thought-provoking, and deeply satisfying, plus a tour de force performance from the holy-smoke-amazing Tom Hollander.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 and 2
By Julia Polinsky on May 4, 2018

Enough theater magic to fill the eyes, story to satisfy the mind, and character to touch the heart.

The Iceman Cometh
By Ron Cohen on May 1, 2018

George C. Wolfe and Denzel Washington infuse Eugene O?Neill?s downbeat masterwork with vibrant life.

Children of a Lesser God
By Ron Cohen on April 12, 2018
Inspired casting lends Mark Medoff?s extraordinarily sensitive play even greater meaning.

Lobby Hero
By Marc Miller on April 09, 2018
Kenneth Lonergan?s drama-but-mostly-comedy is in fine fettle at Second Stage, and the refurbished Hayes is pretty nifty, too.

Angels in America
By Eugene Paul on April 06, 2018
A masterwork, masterfully performed and presented, a true theatrical event.

Three Tall Women
By Ron Cohen on April 06, 2018
Edward Albee?s meditation on aging, dying and death with intelligence, passion and wit in a production that shimmers with theatrical sorcery.

Stories by Heart
By Deirdre Donovan on January 22, 2018
John Lithgow?s valentine to his father a master class in storytelling with humor, wit, and a profound humanity.

Farinelli and the King
By Ron Cohen on December 22, 2017
Make mine music, says the mad king, and Mark Rylance scores another triumph.

Meteor Shower
By Eugene Paul on December 22, 2017
AmySchumer. Keegan-Michael Key. Laura Benanti. Jeremy Shamos. Steve Martin. Jerry Zaks. What more could you want?

The Children
By David Schultz on December 16, 2017
Brilliant cautionary drama from playwright Lucy Kirkwood makes you think as you shrink in horror. Perfectly calibrated in tone and content.

The Parisian Woman
By Ron Cohen on December 11, 2017
A drawing room comedy for the Trump era, pumped up with movie star power.

By Ron Cohen on November 20, 2017
Junk bonds prove their dramatic value in this exhilarating tale of Wall Street chicanery.

Latin History For Morons
By Edward Medina on November 15, 2017

A fearless entertainer and a masterful wordsmith from the king of one man shows

The Play that Goes Wrong
By Eugene Paul on Apr. 20, 2017
Sometimes you just plain need a mad, crude, hysterically funny whirlwind to blow away the cobwebs. This is it.

by Joel Benjamin on Jan. 20

The exquisitely detailed performances by Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson cannot hide the dearth of material.

Off-Broadway - Musicals

Me and My Girl
by Julia Polinsky on May, 15, 2018

Killer fun, and very much alive and kicking as part of the Encores! series at City Center.

Unexpected Joy
by Julia Polinsky on May, 04, 2018

Family feelings, self-examination, and lots of dreams and hopes play out to a terrific folk-blues-pop inflected score.

The Sting
by Jeannie Lieberman on April, 20, 2018

Brace yourself Broadway! A Big Brawny Musical may be heading your way led by Harry Connick, Jr. and a tireless troupe of terpsichorean tap dancers.


Basil Twist?s Symphonie Fantastique
By R. Pikser On April 13, 2018

Berlioz? music, played live by the masterful Christopher O?Riley, offers a journey of color and shape inside an extraordinary mind.


Lyrics & Lyricists Irving Berlin: American
By Deirdre Donovan On April 12, 2018

The 92nd Street Y celebrates the 100th anniversary of ?God Bless America? with a hat?s off to its composer.


By Arney Rosenblat On April 10, 2018

Still love, even misguided love, connects and defines what becomes the concept of family.

Cruel Intentions: The Musical

Cruel Intentions: The Musical
By Deirdre Donovan On April 2, 2018

A winking musical about manipulative teens that celebrates 90s hits.

Grand Hotel, The Musical
By Edward Medina On March 28, 2018

An exceptionally exquisite revival, you feel rewarded to have witnessed them again, even if it's just briefly.

Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story
By Marc Miller On March 26, 2018

A hybrid immigration musical, intermittently affecting but cobbled from warring elements.

Anything Goes
By Julia Polinsky On March 06, 2018

Mistaken identities, disguises, disappointments, and blackmail, sprinkled with splendid songs and terrific dance. Absurdly charming and delightful.

Jerry Springer- The Opera
By David Schultz On March 03, 2018

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Wipe that grimace off of your face. It?s not as god-awful as you might think.

The Boys From Syracuse
By Eugene Paul On February 20, 2018

An absolutely loony, laugh filled drag version of that old classic which never did make much sense, but those songs!

Encores! Hey, Look Me Over
By Jeanne Lieberman On February 16, 2018

Bouncy Box of Musical Bon Bons, Some tastier than others but ultimately satisfying.

Bar Mitzvah Boy
By Ed Lieberman On February 13, 2018

As the old commercial for Levy?s Rye used to say, ?You don?t have to be Jewish? to enjoy this heartwarming tale of adolescent angst

Frankenstein A New Musical
By Deirdre Donovan On January 26, 2018

Mary Shelley?s classic horror novel is now humming a ghoulish tune at St. Luke?s Theatre.

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
By Arney Rosenblat On January 02, 2018

An ambitious, visually beautiful attempt to transport an audience to another time and place.

Lady, Be Good!
New York City Center Encores!
by Joel Benjamin on Feb. 16

Encores! has taken a silly period piece and turned it into an entertaining, if slight, confection. Tommy Tune a plus!

Off-Broadway - Plays

Mlima's Tale
by Fern Siegel on May, 15, 2018

Lynn Nottage explores the cruel backdrop to the secret ivory trade.

Light Shining in Buckinghamshire
by Ron Cohen on May, 15, 2018

We’re in England in the mid-1600s; and revolution’s not easy…not for the participants and not for the audience.

The Gentleman Caller
by Ron Cohen on May, 15, 2018

Tennessee Williams and William Inge meet, drink and sort of make out, in two encounters that deeply impacted 20th Century American theater

The Seafarer
by Ron Cohen on May, 08, 2018

The devil plays poker with four Irish fellows, the whiskey flows and the audience is the winner.

Summer and Smoke
by Fern Siegel on May, 04, 2018

Two would-be lovers battle between spirituality and carnality during a steamy Mississippi summer in 1916.

by Arney Rosenblat on April, 30, 2018

A jigsaw puzzle spotlighting apparently separate lives that fit together through the ties of corruption, isolation and real or implied violence.

The Metromaniacs
By Edward Medina on April 30, 2018

Where verse becomes your vice and vice-a-versa.

Randy Writes A Novel
By Edward Medina on April 30, 2018

Comedy and puppetry mix to make a a very funny evening of outright truths, blatant lies, broad exaggerations, and accurate observations.

The Stone Witch
By Arney Rosenblat on April 25, 2018

Through a stunningly rendered production and compelling performances, The Stone Witch movingly explores the price of greatness.

By Arney Rosenblat on April 06, 2018
An almost scientific dissection of a modern woman's descent into personal tragedy.


By Edward Medina on April 25, 2018
A seagull too weighed down to ever truly take flight.

Harry Clarke

By Fern Siegel on April 17, 2018
Billy Crudup does double duty in a story of fractured identity.

By Arney Rosenblat On April 17, 2018

In Bedlam Theatre's lively production the music is in Shaw's words, the artful performances of six top-notch actors and a director who doesn't miss a dramatic beat.

This Flat Earth
By Edward Medina On April 12, 2018

The gun debate arrives center stage and is powerfully delivered from out of the mouths of babes.

By Deirdre Donovan On March 23, 2018

An idealistic freshman congresswoman attempts to clean-up what?s wrong in Washington.

By Edward Medina On March 23, 2018

Everything you wanted to know about porn addiction but were afraid to ask: a confused attempt to entertain ultimately proves flaccid.

Babette?s Feast
By Ron Cohen On March 23, 2018

An artful banquet of story-theater techniques brings Isak Dinesen?s story to life again ? in somewhat tempered fashion.

Hanoch Levin Squared
By Eugene Paul On March 20, 2018

Coarse, outrageous, hilarious, bitter, sad, despairing, a harsh, lesson in life, handsomely performed.

Three Small Irish Masterpieces
By Fern Siegel On March 16, 2018

Captures the pathos and the spirit of rebellion of the rural Irish at the turn of the 20th century.

The Low Road
By Eugene Paul On March 15, 2018

A romping riot for the senses as well as your brain.

Later Life
By Ron Cohen On March 15, 2018

This revival of one of A. R. Gurney?s examinations of the quietly tormented, sadly inhibited WASP psyche is a mixed bag.

The Signature Project
By R. Pikser On March 14, 2018

The interconnectedness of all things is the subject of this ongoing work of art: The real magic of this evening is the transformative effect it has on the audience.

Good for Otto
By Arney Rosenblat On March 12, 2018

David Rabe creates a universal "Our Town" where the "pain is plentiful" but where the fate of little Otto offers a glimmer of hope.

Three Wise Guys
By Ron Cohen On March 12, 2018

A respected Off-Broadway company says adieu with an appreciative helping of Damon Runyon.

Extreme Whether
By R. Pikser On March 12, 2018

Climate change is an imminent danger to every one of us. Addressing this overwhelming issue dramatically can be difficult.

By Arney Rosenblat On March 06, 2018

Sharp and compelling foray into the addictive need to both achieve and sustain relevance in life.

By David Schultz On February 27, 2018

Playwright Martin McDonagh?s latest quietly macabre play is brutal, and laugh-out-loud funny.

A Soldier?s Play
By R. Pikser On February 22, 2018

Touches our most intimate hopes and terrors, that make the play a classic in the true sense. It will endure.

By Arney Rosenblat On February 22, 2018

An incisive and funny play that persuasively argues the importance of being at the center of your own life.

Honour: Confessions of a Mumbai Courtesan
By Julia Polinsky On February 12, 2018

Dipti Mehta?s excellent performance, which incorporates dance, storytelling, and vivid characterizations, will tug at your heart.

Fire and Air
By Deirdre Donovan On February 12, 2018

Terrence McNally?s new play about impresario Sergei Diagheliv and the Ballets Russes needs less talk and more dance.

Party Face
By Ron Cohen On February 12, 2018

Hayley Mills is the attraction in this tepid comedy-drama concerning contemporary Irish women.

By David Schultz On February 09, 2018

Three men and a baby?. Hmm?. A far cry from the 1987 movie.

The Chekhov Dreams
By Edward Medina On February 08, 2018

A dream just shy of a nightmare.

by Deirdre Donovan On February 06, 2018

Ferenc Molnar?s Hungarian masterpiece Liliom, the source for Carousel, is re-interpreted as a dark love story set in Coney Island.

Disco Pigs
by Ron Cohen On January 31, 2018

A rough ride worth taking with two not-so-lovable but compelling Irish teenagers.

by Edward Medina On January 31, 2018

Endearing misfits on a wild ride dealing with all the mayhem that Harry creates in his wake.

by Fern Siegel On January 26, 2018

Clever staging brings the raucous King-Riggs tennis match to life.

Labute New Theater Festival
by David Schultz On January 22, 2018

Disappointing trio of new one acts fail to catch fire.

Hindle Wakes
by Marc Miller On January 19, 2018

Stanley Houghton?s 1912 comedy-drama has some still-pertinent things to say about sexual prejudices and power struggles.

20th Century Blues
by Arney Rosenblat On January 16, 2018

Four thinking attractive women demonstrate that the passage of time make not render them invisible or irrelevant.

by Eugene Paul On December 27, 2017

A splendid revival of William Nicholson?s elegantly conceived love story about unlikely C.S. Lewis.

It?s a Wonderful Life: The Live Radio Play
by Deirdre Donovan On December 27, 2017

This charming holiday show at the Irish Repertory Theatre company is meant for both the eye and ear.

by R Pikser On December 14, 2017

What would it mean to be truly awake? What would it take to get there?

De Novo
by Deirdre Donovan On December 14, 2017

True story of a Guatemalan teen in the immigration courts in the United States.

Torch Song
by David Schultz On November 17, 2017

A welcome return of a classic early play by Harvey Fierstein, humor and pathos intact.

Don?t Feed The Indians
by Edward Medina On November 17, 2017

A twisted variety show with an in-your-face moral message that?s meant to amuse, but make one squirm in the process.

What We're Up Against
by Arney Rosenblat On November 16, 2017

All about power, whether it means climbing up the ladder, holding tight to its rungs or not getting pushed off from your top perch.

Marcel and The Art of Laughter
by R. Pikser On November 14, 2017

Mr. Magni and Mr. Houben make us fall in love with their work and, because of their work, with them.

The Last Match
by Eugene Paul On November 14, 2017

Gets us into the minds of Tim and Sergei? tennis and life are one.

In Love with the Arrow Collar Man
by Marc Miller On November 14, 2017

The true story of a love that shouldn?t have worked but did, and the compelling cultural history surrounding it.

by Ron Cohen On November 14, 2017

An arresting look back at the early history of the New York Shakespeare Festival and a loving but unsentimental valentine to its revered creator, Joe Papp.

by Julia Polinsky On November 09, 2017

Lipsmacking truths about the American woman?s obsession with weight, sandwiched between hilarious standup and touching stories.

Measure for Measure
by Ron Cohen On October 31, 2017

One of Shakespeare?s classic ?problem plays? is no problem for this rambunctious theater company.

The Home Place
by Ron Cohen On October 27, 2017

A solid New York premiere for Brian Friel?s incisive look at the simmering of Anglo-Irish conflict.

Lonely Planet
by Ron Cohen On October 20, 2017

Two gay men face the AIDS epidemic with friendship, conversation ? and chairs, lots of them.

The Treasurer
by Eugene Paul On October 17, 2017

Two must see performances, by Deanna Dunagan and Peter Friedman, drive Max Posner?s intriguing play.

A Clockwork Orange
by Edward Medina On October 10, 2017

A lot of beef. Not much cake.

by Eugene Paul On October 03, 2017

The New Yiddish Rep?s newest, most vigorous outing, bound to make you think about yourself.

Mary Jane
by Ron Cohen On October 03, 2017

Amy Herzog explores with arresting detail and artful restraint the plight and the rewards of caring for a systemically ill child.

As You Like It
by Ron Cohen On September 29, 2017

The story?s a little muddy, but director John Doyle and company still fill this trip to Shakespeare?s Forest of Arden with lots of happy sightseeing.

In & Of Itself
by Edward Medina On September 27, 2017

A mysterious and wonder filled production of magic and storytelling.

The Violin
By Eugene Paul on September 26, 2017

Engrossing, touching, funny. It gets under your skin.

Small World
By Eugene Paul on September 26, 2017

The first hit of the new season? Broadway bound? Why not?Funny, witty, insightful. Beautifully produced. Go.

For Peter Pan on her 70th birthday
by Edward Medina On September 20, 2017

Fashions for Men
by Joel Benjamin on Mar. 4

A lovingly staged period piece about honor, romance and haberdashery.

John & Jen
by Joel Benjamin on Mar. 3

A small show with big emotions, illuminated through the writing of Lippa and Greenwald and given life by Conor Ryan and Kate Baldwin.

Between Riverside and Crazy
by Joel Benjamin on Feb. 25

A complex, riveting, if oddly constructed, comedy-drama from a brilliant young playwright.

Solo Performance

Harry Clarke

By Fern Siegel on April 17, 2018
Billy Crudup does double duty in a story of fractured identity.

The Amazing Kreskin Live

By Edward Medina on April 17, 2018
Mentalism and mystery are live at the Lion. At the end of the evening you will think to yourself, you know what, he really is amazing.

Shakespeare's Will

By Julia Polinsky on March 21, 2018
?Not intended to be historically accurate? should be printed in bold italics. It?s a pity you can?t add, ?Doesn?t really work.?


By Deirdre Donovan on Jan. 12, 2018
Actor-playwright Jack Fry brings back the ghost of a famous theoretical physicist  filled with humor, wit, and humanity.

Katsura Sunshine
By R Pikser on November 22, 2017

An English language practitioner of an ancient Japanese story telling form, is charming and captivating in the practice of his craft.

Strange Interlude
By Deirdre Donovan on October 31, 2017

David Greenspan single-handedly tackles Eugene O?Neill?s nine-act drama at the Irondale Center in Brooklyn.

By Ron Cohen on October 25, 2017

A busy day in a New York taxi covers a lot of territory, from Elizabethan poetry to Wall Street chicanery. Take a ride.

By Edward Medina on October 25, 2017

Blood, bath, and beyond excellent.

Zero Hour
By Arney Rosenblat on June 15, 2017

A complex man that used humor both as a piercing weapon and a protective wall.

The Miracle of Long Johns

By Edward Rubin on Dec. 4
A dizzying array of dance, song, double-entendres, and vaudevillian-type jokes from every conceivable angle?political, social, cultural, sexual, and otherwise.

The Bullpen

By Eric Grunin on Feb. 16
Gives you more truths about the justice system in an hour than any cable drama gives you in a whole season.The Central Park Five, the group falsely arrested in 1989, spoke after the performance .


Big Apple Circus

By Edward Medina on November 09, 2017

Our circus has returned in glorious fashion.

Edward Albee?an interview

By David Schultz on Sept. 30,2016

Everything was bad until I wrote ?The Zoo Story?.

Ira Biloiwt

on Sept. 22, 2016

Everybody Rise! A celebration of Elaine Stritch

By Jeanne Lieberman on Nov. 24

Not the tender hearted, tear inspiring tribute of most memorials, the event was like its subject: over the top, irreverent and raucous.

John Lahr and Tony Kushner on Tennessee Williams
by Joel Benjamin on Oct. 8

Lahr's biography Mad Pilgrimage focuses on the interdependence of Williams’ mental and emotional health and the quality of his writing.


92 Street Y: Lenny?s Lyricists/Bernstein & Song

By Deirdre Donovan on March 05, 2018
A celebration the 100th anniversary of Leonard Bernstein birth with a musical montage of his beloved theater works.

The Bobby Darin Story

By Deirdre Donovan on February 06, 2018
Dazzling homage to the artist launches the popular ?Lyrics & Lyricists? 18th series at the 92nd Street Y.

Gambling on Love

By Deirdre Donovan on November 28, 2017
Robin Kradles new solo show kicked off the holiday season at Don?t Tell Mama in vivacious Vegas style.

That?s Entertainment: Dietz & Schwartz and Friends

By Deirdre Donovan on July 19, 2017
The Mabel Mercer Foundation resurrected the crème de la crème ofthis famed duo -plus a little help from their friends.

Broadway by the Year: 2007 - 2017

By Deirdre Donovan on July 11, 2017
Scott Siegel returned to Town Hall hosting a next-to-perfect evening of Broadway songs performed by some of Broadway?s Big Names.

From Camelot to California: The Worlds of Lerner and Loewe

By Deirdre Donovan on June 15, 2017
A fitting tribute to Lerner and Loewe, who continually wove fantasy, myth, and romance into their art.

NY Pops ? Something Wonderful

By Stewart Schulman on May. 03, 2017
An evening celebrating creative collaboration?with a whole lot of heart.

The American Classical Orchestra: The Ninth Symphony (Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125)

By Deirdre Donovan on Apr. 20, 2017
This period presentation offered authenticity that harkened back to its first performance, Vienna, 1824.

The New York Pops: "Life is a Cabaret: The Songs of Kander and Ebb"

By Deirdre Donovan and Jeanne Lieberman on Mar. 13, 2017
The celebrated orchestra created some magical razzle-dazzle under the enthusiastic baton of Steven Reineke at Carnegie Hall.

Our Time: Sullivan & Harnar Sing Sondheim
54 Below

By Joel Benjamin on Feb. 12

Two cabaret greats at the top of their game.

A Good Thing Going: The Stephen Sondheim and Harold Prince Collaboration
Lyrics & Lyricists , 92Y

By Joel Benjamin on Jan. 20

An evening of Sondheim songs, personal memories and great singing?what more do you need?

A Maestro’s Memoirs
by Deirdre Donovan on May. 22
Musician Donald Pippin time-travels back through star-dusted moments in his long-and-winding career.

David Ostwald and his Louis Armstrong Eternity Band at Birdland
by Jeanne Lieberman on May. 1
David Ostwald, who sets the pace and chooses the songs as he goes, leads a magic meld of multigenerational music meisters that varies slightly from week to week.


The Red Shoes
By Edward Medina on November 08, 2017

Without a single word, with only powerful grace, one can truly believe in the transformative powers of a pair of crimson slippers.

Rioult Dance New York
By R. Pikser on June 14, 2017

Two ballets, one old, one new, contrast in how they deal with the forks in life?s road.

The Deborah Zall Project:  In the Company of Women
By R. Pikser on May. 31, 2017

A look back at where we have come from helps us understand where we might go.

By R. Pikser on Mar. 08, 2017

An hour and a half of drumming could just be a lot of noise, but the 14 young men of Kodo bring the audience into a meditative space.

Anabella Lenzu
By R. Pikser on Nov. 07, 2016

The Argentinian of Italian extraction brings us back to dance charged with emotion.

Dances Patrelle ? Macbeth
By Roberta Pikser on Sept. 29, 2016

This reinterpretation of Macbeth could do with a bit more power, but had some interesting moments.

Thorns of the Crown
By Roberta Pikser on Sept. 22, 2016

Takes Shakespeare as its inspiration, but needs to learn something about specificity from the poet.

Ballet Inc. THE SERIES: Vol. 1
By Roberta Pikser on Aug. 27

Two evening samplers, comprising 34 choreographers, demonstrate the necessity for clarity in organization and in creativity and performance.

Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games
By Julia Polinsky on Dec. 11

Big, bold, spectacle wrapped around a simple storyline in Michael Flatley’s fabulous flambuoyant farewell tour

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
By Joel Benjamin on Dec. 30

Three new works expand the techniques and expressive power of this exciting troupe’s dancers.


Sister Act
by Ed Lieberman on May, 04, 2018

Those in need of spiritual uplift should come to the newest church in Town.

The Sting
by Jeannie Lieberman on April, 20, 2018

Brace yourself Broadway! A Big Brawny Musical may be heading your way led by Harry Connick, Jr. and a tireless troupe of terpsichorean tap dancers.

A Chorus Line
by Ed Lieberman on February, 20, 2018

The ode to those unsung actors without whom no musical could survive: the gypsies.

The Outsider
by David Schultz on February, 08, 2018

Satire on Modern American Politics is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to our democracy.

Annie Get Your Gun
by Ed Lieberman on October, 25, 2017

WBT once aqain proves There?s No Business Like Show Business.

The Honeymooners
by David Schultz on October, 23, 2017

An undercooked rehash of the beloved television series for the 55-Plus Set.

by David Schultz on September, 28, 2017

Familiar themes with a touch of noir make lots of noise, and ends on a whimper.

by Ed Lieberman on August. 03, 2017

Bring the family to see the perfect summer entertainment for adults and (as they used to say at the circus) children of all ages!

Mamma Mia
by Ed Lieberman on May. 15, 2017

The Westchester Broadway Theater has its mojo back!

The Bikinis
by Ed Lieberman on Feb. 20, 2017

Jukebox musical an antidote for winter.

by David Schultz on Feb. 10, 2017

Mesmerizing production of playwright Annie Baker?s haunted tale perfectly rendered.

Christmas Inn
by Ed Lieberman on Dec. 19, 2016

A pleasant Holiday diversion, complete with repast!

Bye Bye Birdie
by Ed Lieberman on Aug. 18, 2016

A delightful diversion from today?s news.

Million Dollar Quartet
by Ed Lieberman on Aug. 12, 2016

A nostalgic visit to a seminal event in the history of music, involving major talents who were to become legends of rock ‘n’ roll.

Happy Days, A New Musical
by Ed Lieberman on May. 31, 2016

Happy Days, A New Musical . . . a spirited but rare miss at WBT.

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Fire Island Sun Articles

New Jersey Governor signs bill preventing Offshore Drilling
Cuomo lags behind

by Reuters Staff on April 25, 2018

Remains of old Tappan Zee Bridge will be made into reef

by Shari Logan & Max Jaeger on April 19, 2018

Kismet Halloween17

by Jeanne Lieberman on March 07, 2018

Kismet Kandids - A look back Summer 17

by Jeanne Lieberman on March 07, 2018

Fed plan to drill for oil off LI draws bipartisan protest

Posted on March 03, 2018


Posted on February 08, 2018


Posted on February 08, 2018

Lawsuit Targets Fire Island National Seashore Park?s Lethal Deer Management Plan

Posted on November 29, 2017

Kismet Community Association
September 24, 2017 Fall Meeting

Photos by Jeanne Lieberman on November 10, 2017

All About the Monarchs

by Jeanne Lieberman
By Joshua Jelly-Schapito
by Trish Minogue Collins on October 11,2017

Fire Island Then: 1930?s

by Tom McMorrow posted on July 22,2011

Book with ?Fun? in Its Title Makes Good on Its Promise

by Tom McMorrow posted on October 11,2011

Flood insurance splits GOP, spurs bipartisan deal making as deadline looms

by ZACHARY WARMBRODT on September 19,2017

?Justin Vivian Bond Shows Up in Cherry Grove,?
A Night of Musing and Music

by Jeanne Lieberman on September 07,2017

?I am yours, you are mine, no matter what you are?

Kismet?s Annual Arthur Lem Memorial Snapper Tournament

Photos & text by Bradlee White on September 01,2017

The Islip Bulletin
Crossover detour

By RICK CHALIFOUX on Aug 17,2017

Big Moments in Saltaire History
The Road that Never Made It Off the Drawing Boards

By Jeannie on Aug 24,2017

Duck Races ?17
?the fastest fundraiser in Kismet

By Bradlee, Patti & Jeannie on Aug 17,2017

Tim Mooney?s Big Daddy & Friends at the INN

Memorial for Kismet?s ?Mayor? Brian Crawford

Memorial for Fred ?Dutch? Rosenberg

East Lighthouse Walk Second Annual House Beach Luau Party

By Jeannie on Aug 17,2017


By Jeannie
Photos by Joyce Rogers and Anna Barantsavich on Aug 10,2017

It is a grand event. Creativity abounds in startling and beautiful ways.


By DJ Jaffe on July 28,2017

Pine is (still) Fine at Annual Block Party

Text and photos by Jeannie and Kevin and Wendy on July 28,2017

Fire Island Dance Festival Brings Weekend of
Unforgettable Dance to the Pines

July 21,2017

Festival?s 23rd edition raises a record $585,045
Annual event produced by and benefiting Dancers Responding to AIDS,
a program of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

The 2017 annual Maggie Fischer Memorial
Great South Bay Cross Bay Swim

By Jeff Schou, Photos by Dana Deruvo-Hanner on July 21,2017

Kismet?s 10th annual Burger Cookoff 17

Photos & text by Bradlee and Chef John on July 12,2017

a great night of burgers, friends and laughs to showcase what it is to be a community.

Chris Memorial

By Andrea Wikso and Erin Wahlberg on July 12,2017

Beloved friend and Kismet Inn Bartender

Kismet?s July 4th ?17 parade

text and photos by Bradlee on July 12,2017

The 52nd Kismet 4th of July Parade, dedicated to Joyce Cole, and led by the Kismet Fire Department Color Guard, kicked off Sunday at 11 a.m.

Kismet?s 15 Minutes of Fame, A Formal Red Carpet Event

photos and text by Bradlee on June. 29,2017


By Jeannie on June. 08,2017

KFD open house

By Bradlee on June. 08,2017

Kismet KCA Spring Meeting ?17

By Jeannie on June. 08,2017

Even a larger space at the Firehouse overflowed.

A Bench for Binnie

By Jeannie on June. 08,2017

Kismet?s best friend and Fair Harbor?s cherished citizen, known as ?Binnie?

old friends, new season

Photos by Myrna and Jeannie on May. 15,2017

Piping Plover in Peril or Fire Island residents?

By Nicole Allegrezza on May. 12,2017
Long Island Advance

FWS must relax regulations so that beach goers can enjoy a less-limited season

KISMET UPDATE: Winter Wonderland

By Jeannie Lieberman on Feb. 12,2017

Fire Island Deer Dodge The Bullet
?for now

By Jeannie Lieberman on Feb. 12,2017

KISMET KCA ELECTION ?16: Washington Take Note

By Jeannie on Oct. 18,2016

On Fire Island, a Scar From Hurricane Sandy Is Seen as a Good Thing

By LISA W. FODERARO on Oct. 03,2016

The breach that cuts through is increasingly, seen as something of a good thing.


By Jeannie on Aug. 11

Kismet?s Annual July 4th (3rd) Parade
A merry mix of military and madcap creativity

Photos by Bradlee and Jeannie on July. 7

The 41st Annual Fire Island Invasion!!
an ecstatic melding of the Grove and Pines "sisterhood"

by Jeannie on July. 7

Gay Pride in Cherry Grove
an extraordinary day of Remembrance and Celebration

photos by James Belzer, Jerry Ferreira and Just Lorraine
text by Jeannie on June. 24

?Hate will never win, together we celebrate that principle?.

The 9th Annual, Kismet Burger Cook Off
by Gregg Weisser on June. 24

Everyone who was there were winners because what's better than getting friends together having burgers on the beach.

Memorial For Paul Whitney On Father?s Day
A Fitting Tribute To One Kismet?s Favorite Fathers

by Jeannie on June. 24

Paul would have enjoyed the tribute; short, sentimental but not too mushy, with smiles instead of tears.

It May Be 2016, But Straight Parents Still Need Advice
Raising LGBT Children

by Wesley C. Davidson & Jonathan L. Tobkes, M.D. on June. 3

A Six-Minute Plan to Rid Clothes of Ticks
By ANN LUKITS on June. 1

New study alters old protocol

by Jeannie on Jan. 3

Fire Island National Seashore has announced their plan to shoot Fire Island’s deer They are giving us 30 days to try to change their minds

Press Release

Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society





Saturday 5

Trees, Bees and Butterflies

Celebrate Arbor Day in the Art Studio (Follow the boardwalk to the east of the Lighthouse) Learn how our actions impact the butterflies and bees. Learn about Milkweed, create a butterfly and get seeds to take home and plant. Crafts: some free/some at a minimal cost. 11am to 3pm

Friday & Saturday 25-26

Plein Air Art Show

Artists from Wet Paints Studio Group will be painting on site in the Lighthouse area.  All art work will be on display until June 11th and for sale with 30% of the proceeds being donated to the Preservation Society by the Artist.





Saturday 2

Horseshoe Crab Program

7 pm – Learn about Horseshoe Crabs and watch them come ashore to lay their eggs while reveling in the beauty of the evening on a June beach. Suggested donation $2 per person.

Saturday 9

Light Keepers Behind the Scenes Tour

9 am – Follow one of our present day Lighthouse Keepers on his rounds.  This bottom to top tour takes you from the auxiliary generator and the Light Keepers workshop in the basement of the Keeper’s Quarters to the beacon in the lantern room of the lighthouse tower. Learn how lighthouse Keepers in the 1860’s to 2018 maintained the light.  Includes a tour of the Lens Building, which houses our original first order Fresnel Lens, and the Boat House.  Tour takes approximately 2 ½ hours.   .  $15 for FILPS Members/$20 for non-members – Reservations required. Limit 12 people.

Friday 22

17th Annual Benefit Art Show-through July 15

Local artists display their nautical artwork in the Keepers Quarters at the Lighthouse.  Opening reception will be held on June 21- 6pm8 pm (take a shuttle bus from Field #5 RMSP).  All artwork is for sale with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the Lighthouse by the artist.  Admission free.

Saturday 30

Evening Tower Tour

8 pm- Experience the sunset from a new perspective.  View the sunset from the top of the Lighthouse.  Bring a flashlight for your walk back to the parking field. - $15 for FILPS members/$20 for non-members. Reservations Required.  Sunset 8:28 pm.



Call (631) 661-4876 to make all reservations


The Lighthouse and museum is open all year round.  Winter hours are 10am ? 4pm daily until December 15-then 10 am to 4pm weekdays and 11am to 4pm weekends.  All parking is in Field #5 of the Robert Moses State Park. Tower tours are $7 adults, $4 seniors & Children under 12 (children must be 42? tall to climb).  Foot ware is required to climb. Call for tower availability.

The Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society

4640 Captree Island, Captree Island, New York 11702  (631) 661-4876     
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

**Programs and times are subject to change.  Please visit our web site for updated information.**



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